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Class Ideas from A to Z: Art Class with Essential Oils

Whether or not you consider yourself an artist, holding an art class involving essential oils can help you release your creative side and allow you to talk about the aromatic uses of essential oils in a new, fun way. This could also be a type of family class that kids and adults alike can enjoy.


  • Paint brushes
  • Small canvas or thicker paper
  • Paint. (Buy paint to add oils to, or make your own.)
  • Paper plate or small jars to mix paint and essential oils in for individuals.
  • Space for everyone to paint, whether that be on tables or easels. If you choose tables, be sure to have plastic or newspaper covering the area.
  • A diffuser, if desired.

Basic outline:

  1. Start off by introducing some oils that people typically love to diffuse. (We recommend focusing on the Emotional Aromatherapy kit.) Talk about the aromatic benefits of the oils, and demonstrate the diffuser.
  2. Demonstrate adding oils to the paints. Have attendees add essential oils of their choice to their own paint. If you made paint instead of buying it, we recommend making the paints beforehand, but hold off on adding the essential oils so your attendees can add their own oils.
  3. If you know any artists who would be willing to come lead or host the class and teach the basics of painting, have them start once the paint and essential oils part is over. But this class can also be just as fun without a painting instructor. You can simply have everyone follow their own creative inspiration.
  4. Clean up. If anyone has paint on their skin, show them that they can use Lemon essential oil to help remove it quickly.

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