Essential Oil Bottle Upcycle Hanging Shelf

We’ve all lost our keys or wallet at one time or another. But, by creating a space in your home like this hanging shelf, you can save yourself both time and stress. Not to mention that, with this shelf, there is an added bonus of upcycling—you use your extra essential oil bottles to create this gorgeous DIY project.

Items Needed
1 doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack® supplement bottle
4 empty 15 mL essential oil bottles
2 8x14 inch pieces of wood
1 8-ounce can wood stain of your choosing
1 can metallic spray paint
4 large screws
4 small screws
1 large sawtooth hanger
Wood glue
Potting soil
Small succulent


  1. Cut one piece of wood in half lengthwise. This will be your shelf.
  2. Using a 4 inch circle cutter, cut a hole the size of the supplement bottle (about 2 ¼ inches) where you would like your succulent planter to be in the newly created shelf. Ensure that the supplement bottle will fit the hole.
  3. Apply stain to shelf and remaining 8x14 inch piece of wood as directed on the can. Set aside.
  4. Thoroughly spray paint the supplement bottle and essential oil bottles and their caps. Allow to dry. 
  5. Using a drill, screw shelf to the middle of the 8x14 inch piece of wood using four large screws.
  6. Add sawtooth hanger to the top middle part of the back. 
  7. Mark where you want your oil bottle hangers to go. Using small screws, attach oil bottle caps directly onto the wood. Screw oil bottles onto their lids. This will hide screws holding them in place, and create hangers.
  8. Add wood glue around supplement bottle and place it in the hole you cut previously. Allow to dry
  9. Fill the supplement bottle with soil and plant your succulent.
  10. Hang shelf where the succulent will have plenty of light, and enjoy. 

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