Ways to Share Your Story

One of the more critical elements to attracting people to your business is you. It is all about how you share who you are, and why doTERRA is so important in your life. Sometimes it can be hard to be vulnerable and share some really personal aspects of your life, but over time many doTERRA leaders say that sharing their experiences and seeing others start to have their own experiences is one of the most rewarding aspects of doTERRA.

There are also many opportunities to share your story. Three specific places are especially helpful:

  1. During a class. Sometimes it can be easy to get lost in the properties of the oils that you are teaching about. Don’t forget to put in personal experiences that you have had using that oil, as this part is crucial. The introduction to your class is also the perfect time to open up about your history with essential oils, and why you use them.
  2. During a one-on-one. This is similar to the class situation, but you can sometimes go more into detail in a one-on-one than you would in a class, where you will likely need to have a shorter version prepared.
  3. On various social media sites. Social media can help connect you to those you may not even know. There are many creative ways to share how you are using essential oils, from step-by-step recipes to diffuser blends. Of course, keep in mind that you always need follow the Approved Claims List when posting information about the oils.

So, you know where and when to share your story, but how exactly can you share? More specifically, with the compliance guidelines, what can you put online? We have some examples of stories from doTERRA leaders below:

Stephanie Wahlberg, Diamond began her experience with doTERRA by using Lavender to create a relaxing environment that helps her kids fall asleep. She shares: “In the past I had used some lavender from the health store and it didn’t work, so I thought oils in general didn’t work. My mom had also been using oils for years, but I really didn’t know anything about them. Then, my friend shared an Introductory Kit with me, and the Lavender helped my kids fall asleep. I was like, ‘Oh, that was like pixy dust—it really worked.’”

Carrie Vitt, Diamond says, “I went to a health conference about a year and a half ago, and whenever I fly I get feelings of tension. I arrived at this health conference super frustrated. My friend Season Johnson pulled out some Peppermint oil for me to try, and I honestly thought it was weird. I thought, ‘Why would I ever use something like that?’ But she had me put it on the back of my neck and it worked. For the rest of the weekend I wanted her to tell me more. She had a little eight vial pack of oils with her, and I literally used all of them that weekend.”

Dr. Martha Nessler, Diamond had a less-than positive oil experience in the past. She says, “I actually didn’t like essential oils. I’d only used peppermint and lavender from a different company. I didn’t like the smell of them—they gave me a headache. But when Melody introduced doTERRA to me, she was so passionate about the oils that I latched onto what she was saying. It’s funny, but when the actual oils came I was really scared to open the Peppermint and Lavender because of the headaches that I had experienced in the past. But, I opened up Lavender and I could not believe how pure it was; I didn’t get any headaches. Peppermint is also my other favorite oil and I always have it with me now.”

Dan Fendell, Diamond shares, “I was a runner in high school, and haven’t been able to get back into running since. But, using the Deep Blue products has been amazing, along with the LLV vitamins. I am getting back into running again, and it is one of my goals on my bucket list is to do a marathon.”

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