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The Basics of Fast Start

The Fast Start Bonus is designed to provide immediate earnings to Wellness Advocates when they enroll others. The enroller of the new Wellness Advocate then receives 20 percent of the CV (Commissionable Volume) of every order the new Wellness Advocate places in their first 60 days.

Here are a few key points:

  1. To qualify for this opportunity you must have a 100 PV LRP order set up at all times. Your 100 PV LRP order must also process during the month.

  2. The Fast Start Bonus is the only commission paid out weekly. All other bonuses are paid out on a monthly basis.

  3. Enrollers will earn commission up to three levels. The enroller of the enroller will earn 10 percent, while their enroller will earn five percent. (Click here to see diagram) Beyond the third level of enrollership, no Fast Start will be earned.

  4. There is no compression with the Fast Start Bonus. For example, if you enroll someone who then enrolls someone else and the person you enrolled does not qualify for Fast Start, you will not receive the 20 percent they would have earned from their enrollee. You will still receive the 10 percent.

  5. New Wellness Advocates can earn Fast Start Bonuses in their enrollment month as long as they have an LRP template of at least 100 PV set up.

  6. Only new Wellness Advocates and Wholesale Customers count towards Fast Start Bonuses. Retail customers do not qualify the enroller for the bonus.

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