Promotions Q&A

doTERRA has some great promotions every month of the year. Any time you have a question, Member Services can help answer your questions, or you can also email For now, here is a list of our most asked questions and hints that should be useful.


Most Commonly Asked Promotions Questions:


When are promotions usually announced?


  •  The first of every month.

 What does it mean to enroll with doTERRA?


  •  Enrolling is when you first sign up with doTERRA by filling out the required forms online.

 What is an enrollment order?

  •  This is the first initial order placed by a Wellness Advocate right after the required information has been entered into the system. It should include the $35 enrollment fee that includes the Introductory Packet.

 Are all promotions only for newly enrolled Wellness Advocates?


  •  No, we have several different kinds of promotions. Some are for new Wellness Advocates only, but we do have other promotions throughout the year for those who are already enrolled with doTERRA.

 Why does the Promotions team communicate mostly through email?


  •  The Promotions team prefers to communicate through email in order to create a physical record of any past communications or exceptions.

 Where can I find the guidelines and details of any new promotions?


  •  To find promotions guidelines, go to your Virtual Office and click on the “Shop” tab, or look for more information on


Helpful Hints for PV:


  • PV stands for “personal volume.” Each product is assigned a specific volume. What this means is that each order will have a personal volume (PV) amount. It is important for the Wellness Advocate to pay attention to this amount in order to qualify for promotions and commissions.
  • The PV amount of any order is almost always different than the total dollar amount.
  • All of our promotions are based on the personal volume (PV) amount of the order(s), not the dollar amount.

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