How to Better Use Enrollment Kits

Enrollment kits can be a great tool to get your newest Wellness Advocates the products they need. doTERRA® has many options for enrollment kits, and all are a great value for new enrollees. (See our Enrollment Kit Flyer for information on each individual kit.) So, how do you put this tool to greater use? See some of our tips below:


  1. Talk to them about what they would like to do in doTERRA. If someone wants to build a business or they want to share with other people, usually a larger kit (such as the Natural Solutions, Every Oil, or Diamond Kit) is the best option for them because it will save them money in the long run. If someone is wanting to do doTERRA for personal use, the Family Physician, Cleanse & Restore, and Home Essentials Kits are perfect for their situation.
  2. Help your new enrollees see the value of the kit. When you are teaching a class or a one-on-one, talk about the oils and other products in the kit that you know will benefit them most. Give them a clear idea of how each product will help improve their lives. If you spend the class talking about oils that are not in the kit, potential enrollees are less likely to see why the kit will be helpful to them.
  3. Point out the savings and the extra benefits of purchasing a kit. This goes along with seeing the value of the kit. Included on the flyer, you will see the savings included in purchasing the kit and also the benefits in the Loyalty Rewards Program. By purchasing a larger kit, enrollees have the potential to earn free LRP points and also get on the LRP Fast Track program.

Have more ideas on how to use enrollment kits? Leave us your comments below.

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