broTERRA: How to Get Men Involved in doTERRA

It is no secret that most people who use or do a doTERRA® business are women, though the product does appeal to everyone who actually uses it. This makes it all the more important to approach a wider audience—an audience that includes men. Men are highly likely to stick with a product they like long-term, and can be some of your strongest team members if they are also interested in the business. Here are four tips on how to include men more in building your doTERRA business if you aren’t already.


  1. Reach out to them directly. Sometimes it is easier or even more comfortable to stick with reaching out to women, but reaching out to men to talk about doTERRA is paramount to getting them involved and interested in what you have to say. You’ll find that many are more open than you think.
  2. Consider their unique needs. Listen to them by asking them questions about their interests: find out what they love, what they hate, and most importantly what they want in life. Anticipate their needs and show them how to use the oils for their unique situation.
  3. Focus on having them experience the oils. Men and women are different in the way they approach things as a general rule, but they both want to know why they should use a certain product. Give them time and space to try doTERRA products. Show them how and why the oils and even the business side of doTERRA are of value to them.
  4. Highlight certain aspects of the products and business to appeal more to men. Employ humor and appeal to their aspirations. Share what products have worked for you best and it will help you achieve your doTERRA business goals. 

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