10 Must Have Apps for the Entrepreneur

Need help organizing your daily schedule or keeping track of helpful information? These apps will help you increase your productivity on the go in whatever way you need it.

1. Evernote. This is one of our favorite apps because of the ease of keeping track of your ideas. On the go and have a new idea on how to teach a class? Make a note in Evernote. See something online that you want to save for later? Clip it right from the web into the app in a simple version. You can even network with your team using the app, coordinating ideas and projects all on the go.
2. Awesome Note. While Evernote will help you in your more professional life, Awesome Note can help you organize everything else. Awesome Note is a user-friendly personal organizer that you will actually want to use. Some of the features you’ll find are a built-in calendar, a to-do list, a party-planning (or class planning) section, and a travel diary.
3. Mint. Mint.com helps you report expenses, create a budget, and implement a savings plan in the easiest manner possible. One handy feature? It connects to your business accounts and shows you if certain checks and deposits have cleared. It’s an easy way to make sure you continue to run a profitable business, and it’s absolutely free.
4. Hootsuite. Hootsuite can help you if you are on several social media platforms, but just don’t have the time to keep up with them all. This free app helps you link up all of your social media platforms and send out one message simultaneously to all–meaning less time spent typing the same message on each platform. You can also schedule your posts with Hootsuite. This is a major benefit because it means you can plan out your content and spend just a few minutes each week keeping up with comments instead of spending hours figuring out a post.
5. TripIt. This is for those of you who are planning on doing Diamond Club. Simply forward your travel confirmation emails to this app and it will create an automatic itinerary for you to follow. It also keeps itself up to date, so if your flight is delayed or the gate number changes, the app will let you know. You can either get this app for free, or TripIt Pro is $49 for the year.
6. Contactually. Keeping in contact and following up with everyone who shows an interest in doing a doTERRA® business just got easier. Contactually lets you put your contact list into “buckets,” and then you can decide how often you would like to follow up with them. Then, the app will create automatic follow-ups for you and let you know the last time you spoke to each specific person.
7. WinStreak. Designed with your goals in mind, WinStreak helps you up your productivity rate by having you create three “wins” you want to achieve that day, and then three more wins for the next. Not only will it help you focus on three things you need to do, it might make goal setting a little more fun.
8. Pocket. Similar to how Evernote lets you clip things from the web, the sole purpose of Pocket is to save anything you find online for later. Stumble across an article that you want to read for personal development, but don’t have the time to read it until later? Save it to Pocket.
9. Hubspot. Tired of not knowing who is actually reading your emails? Find out instantly with this simple app from Hubspot. You will get an immediate notification when your emails are opened by the recipient.
10. Trello. For those times you need to plan an event with your team, Trello will come in handy. A project management app, it eliminates the need for lengthy email threads and spreadsheets.

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