David Stirling

Founding Executive, CEO

Imagine the world 12 years ago when the benefits of essential oils were largely unknown to most and access to purity was limited. In that time, the hearts and minds of seven qualified individuals came together under the visionary leadership of David Stirling to form a unique organization called doTERRA. Now, take a minute to breathe in the amazing progress in global expansion and opportunities that have exploded as doTERRA is recognized as the global leader in what has become an eight-billion dollar industry of essential oils. As David continues to lead doTERRA as CEO, his natural abilities to guide unprecedented global growth, including new market openings, and the truly remarkable Co-Impact Sourcing, benefits the full doTERRA family. Through all of David’s achievements he continues to place the growth and progress of people as the first priority of his leadership, mentoring others through his kindness and service-focused mindset. He will tell you that his greatest accomplishments are the many wonderful friends, exciting adventures, and incredible service opportunities that have been created for the entire doTERRA family, through doTERRA’s growth and success.

David encourages everyone in the doTERRA family to work together, finding strength in our differences and in the common bonds of our communities. As we become more kind, patient, and supportive, we become emboldened to lift each other, providing permission to others to grow in their own capacity, power, and happiness.

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