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AromaTouch Hand Technique Incorporated with Other Meetings

Hand Technique Incorporated with Other Meetings

The AromaTouch® Hand Technique Class is a phenomenal way to teach others how essential oils can be used in the hand technique. The hand technique can also be incorporated into many other types of trainings that you already teach. We want to help you think outside the box to freshen up your other classes with this amazing essential oil experience!


Essential Oil 101 Classes

Start your Essential Oil 101 Classes with the AromaTouch Hand Technique. At many of your doTERRA introduction classes, your students may not know each other and may be apprehensive about using essential oils.
Have your students jump right in with the hand technique! Get people paired up with someone they don’t know and have them go through the hand technique together. Not only will they get to know someone in the class but they will also receive an immediate essential oil experience. This will get them more engaged with your message and starts the class in a positive way.


doTERRA "Spa Night" Classes

The doTERRA Spa products can help people feel pampered and are such a fun introduction to doTERRA. Make it even more special by having the students perform the AromaTouch Hand Technique on each other as they are receiving a facial. It will greatly improve their experience at your class and will help them feel more confident about sharing oils and the spa products.


Diamond Club Classes

In Diamond Club, you are continually working to build in new areas and getting the motivation to teach even one more Essential Oil 101 Class can be difficult. Spice it up and add some AromaTouch Hand Technique Classes into the mix. Incorporating the hand technique will allow you to teach an Essential Oil 101 Class in a more complete and fun way. They will learn about different groups of oils, how to blend for their needs, and to top it all off, they will learn an oil application that they can immediately use with others they meet. After their hand technique oil experience, you can then close your Diamond Club event with an invitation to join doTERRA and receive a free oil that comes with their enrollment.

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