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Hand Technique at Expo Events

Hand Technique at Expo Events

Many of you share the oils at expos, trade shows, and other big events where you have access to large groups of people that may have never heard of doTERRA or essential oils. The AromaTouch® Hand Technique is a great way to introduce someone to the benefits of essential oils. Not only do you get to provide the potential leader with an essential oil experience, but you also have their undivided attention for 4–5 minutes to explain the powerful benefits that essential oils can provide.

The AromaTouch Hand Technique Oil Categories and oils make a simple and appealing display. You can also provide samples of the oils you used for their hand technique along with a printout of the AromaTouch Hand Technique Instruction Mini-Booklet for a fun takeaway from your booth.  


What to Bring to Your Booth:

  • Display Table and Tablecloth
  • TV with Hand Technique Video
  • Chairs for the Giver and Receiver
  • Hand Technique Oil Categories, Oils and Oil Display
  • Instruction Mini-Booklets and Sample Vials

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