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AromaTouch Hand Technique - 2 Oil Blends

2 Oil Blend Options

The AromaTouch Hand Technique only takes 1–3 drops of oil applied to each hand to have an amazing oil experience. For each blend suggestion, you will need a sample vial . Put 25 drops of Fractionated Coconut Oil in the sample vial and then add the oil that you would like to use for the Hand Technique. This will help the oils blend well and readily absorb into the skin. After completing this step, apply 1–3 drops of the blend for the Hand Technique you are performing.


The "YIN AND YANG" Blend

7 Drops - Lavender
7 Drops - Wild Orange



7 Drops - doTERRA Breathe®
7 Drops - doTERRA Balance®


The "ARMOR UP" Blend

9 Drops - Copaiba
6 Drops - doTERRA On Guard®

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