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Natural Support—200 PV Promotion

Copaiba Caps and oil image
Copaiba Caps and oil image

When it comes to discomfort, it’s best to have natural support. After everything you do to take care of your health and reduce toxicity, you don’t want to turn to a synthetic solution. That’s where Copaiba essential oil and Copaiba Softgels can make a difference. Earn both with a 200 PV order this May—available while supplies last.

Copaiba 15 mL

  • Supports the health of the cardiovascular, immune, and digestive systems when taken internally.*
  • Provides powerful antioxidant properties when used internally.*
  • Helps calm, soothe, and support the nervous system when taken internally.*
  • Promotes clear, smooth skin and reduces the appearance of blemishes.

Copaiba Softgels

  • Provides the internal benefits of Copaiba in a convenient, easy-to-swallow softgel.*
  • Supports the cardiovascular and digestive systems.*
  • Provides powerful antioxidants.*
  • soothes and supports the nervous system.*

This month, you can receive Copaiba 15 mL and Copaiba Softgels (60 count) for free with any 200 PV order!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will this promotion run?
This promotion will run May 1–31, 2023—available while supplies last.

How many times can I qualify for this promotion?
You can qualify for this promotion up to four times.

Do I have to place a loyalty order to qualify?
No, any single 200 PV order will qualify (enrollment, one-time, loyalty, and so on).

What’s the difference between price and PV?
Personal Volume (PV) isn’t the same as the dollar amount of the order. Though for some products (like Lemon essential oil) the PV and dollar amount match, this doesn’t mean that PV equates to the dollar amount of the products. Please review the PV amount in your cart before processing your order.

Which markets are participating in this promotion?
Participants include the US, Canada, and NFR markets. To see if your market is participating, contact Member Services in your market at (800) 411-8151.

Can I email in my order?
No. If you have problems processing your order, call Member Services at (800) 411-8151.

How do I know if my order has been placed and processed?
An order confirmation email will be sent to the email address listed on your doTERRA account.

Can retail customers participate in this promotion?
Yes, all members can participate in this promotion!

What should I do if my credit card is being declined?
If your credit card is being declined, make sure you’ve entered the correct billing address and security code. If the problem persists, contact Member Services at (800) 411-8151.

What should I do if the promotional items aren’t showing up on my order?
Verify your cart has met the 200 PV requirement. If the products still don’t show up, contact Member Services at (800) 411-8151.

How can I pick up my order at the Product Center in Pleasant Grove, Utah?
Select the Product Center when choosing your shipping method.

Can I still participate if my order is under 200 PV?
To qualify for this promotion, your order must be at least 200 PV. If you have any questions, visit the Help Center or contact Member Services at (800) 411-8151.

Promotion Rules:

  • All orders must be placed and processed by May 31 at 11:59 p.m. MT to receive the free products.
  • Orders placed after the qualifying period (May 1–31, 2023) won’t receive the free products.
  • Single orders must be at least 200 PV to receive the free products.
  • PV is not equal to the cost of an order. Before placing an order, please verify it’s at least 200 PV.
  • Any items returned that result in orders falling below the 200 PV requirement will have to return the free products.

If you feel you’ve qualified for the promotion and didn’t receive the free products, contact Member Services at (800) 411-8151.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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