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SuperMint, Copaiba and DigestZen essential oils with the words refresh revitalize and rebalance SuperMint, Copaiba and DigestZen essential oils with the words refresh revitalize and rebalance

Snag 3 doTERRA Favorites for Free

February is the perfect month to recharge your health, and there’s no better way to refresh, revitalize, and rebalance than with three doTERRA favorites: Copaiba, doTERRA SuperMint, and DigestZen. Place any 200 PV order this month and receive these beloved essential oil products for free!

They’re bestselling products for good reason, all featuring a wide range of benefits. Plus, you can incorporate them into your daily routine right away. As you take advantage of the incredible benefits of Copaiba, doTERRA SuperMint, and DigestZen, you’ll be ready to recharge your health and head into March with a leg up.


Your Calming Routine Cornerstone

Why you want it:

  • Supports cardiovascular, immune, and digestive system health when taken internally.*
  • Provides powerful antioxidant properties when used internally.*
  • Helps calm, soothe, and support the nervous system when taken internally.*
  • Promotes clear, smooth skin and reduces the appearance of blemishes.
Copaiba Essential Oil

Buy Copaiba now by adding it to your cart or place any 200 PV order in February and receive it for free! Need help reaching 200 PV? Check out the following suggestions.

doTERRA SuperMint™ Oil

doTERRA SuperMint Mentha Blend

Super Fresh

Why you want it:

  • Combines Peppermint, Japanese Mint, Bergamot Mint, and Spearmint essential oils in a synergistic blend, delivering a revitalizing, minty, herbal, and sweet aroma.
  • Creates an atmosphere that may support mental clarity and enhanced stamina.
  • Soothes and comforts when incorporated into a massage.
  • Provides a cooling sensation, which may contribute to feelings of open airways.

Buy doTERRA SuperMint now by adding it to your cart or place any 200 PV order in February and receive it for free! Need help reaching 200 PV? Check out the following suggestions.

DigestZen Digestive Blend

Digest with the Best

Why you want it:

  • Supports healthy digestion when used internally.*
  • Soothes occasional stomach upset when used internally.*
  • Helps reduce gas and occasional indigestion when used internally.*
  • Complements a comforting abdominal massage with its spicy, sweet, and minty aroma.
DigestZen Digestive Blend

Buy DigestZen now by adding it to your cart or place any 200 PV order in February and receive it for free! Need help reaching 200 PV? Check out the following suggestions.

The Best Way to Reach 200 PV

To earn your free bottles of Copaiba, doTERRA SuperMint, and DigestZen, all you need to do is place a 200 PV order this February. You get all the regular favorites you’d be ordering anyway, along with three complimentary bestselling doTERRA products.

Unsure of what to order? Here are a few favorite products and combinations.

MetaPWR Recharge (30PV)

Recharge Your Power

Have you tried the newest product in the MetaPWR System yet? MetaPWR Recharge is the latest addition to the MetaPWR family, and a product you definitely don’t want to miss out on. So, what exactly is MetaPWR Recharge? Approximately 75% of the globe is dehydrated, lacking key electrolytes that are essential to keeping cells charged and energized. Electrolytes are integral to various bodily functions, like maintaining proper muscle and nerve function and regulating your body’s fluid balance. But water alone isn’t enough.

MetaPWR Recharge

MetaPWR Recharge provides an exclusive, balanced blend of electrolytes that’s perfect for everyone—not just high-performance athletes.

  • It also includes baobab extract and deep-ocean minerals from the Kuroshio Current in the Pacific Ocean, helping water work more cooperatively with your cells so you don’t have to work hard to stay hydrated.*
  • With a delicious lemon-lime flavor, MetaPWR Recharge can give your body the hydrating power it needs!* (If lemon-lime isn’t your thing, check out the wild strawberry flavor).
  • MetaPWR Recharge fits perfectly into the overall MetaPWR® system, improving your hydration and increasing your overall energy and vitality so you can live your most powerful life.*

doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack (LLV) (62 PV)

Test the Science Yourself

LLV makes taking the first step on the path toward a lifetime of vitality and wellness convenient and affordable.

  • Your lifelong health and vitality depend on many factors, including diet, physical activity, weight management, rest, stress management, toxin exposure, and inherited genetic predisposition for disease or wellness.
  • While some of these variables are beyond your complete control, breakthrough scientific research is revealing many ways you can influence—and even control—significant factors of aging and wellness.
  • A long life full of vitality and healthy aging begins with providing your cells with essential nutrients and metabolic factors to help them perform optimally.*
  • Save $79.00 when you buy these three products together in one convenient pack!

MetaPWR Advantage (70 PV)

Live Your Most Powerful Life

As you age, so does your metabolic function. Your metabolism influences your energy, weight, body composition, and even cognitive performance.

  • MetaPWR Advantage was developed with doTERRA researchers to help maintain healthy cell and organ function, keep you mentally energized, and promote healthy weight and body composition.*
  • Taking MetaPWR Advantage once a day, along with healthy lifestyle choices, can help fortify your metabolic health.*

doTERRA PB Restore ProBiome Complex (40 PV)

Macro Change Starts with the Microbiome

Your microbiome functions like an invisible organ. It’s a vast and diverse ecosystem of microbes, which are essential to wellness.

  • Key to microbiome function is proper microbial diversity and balance, with a high ratio of good bacteria to bad.
  • The body’s natural aging process can disrupt your microbiome, along with an unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, poor sleep schedule, and stressful lifestyle. Augmenting a wellness lifestyle with supplementation can help restore microbiome health.
  • doTERRA PB Restore ProBiome Complex is a unique formulation of 30 pre-, pro-, and postbiotics and bacteriophages that help restore microbial diversity and balance for optimal microbiome health and overall wellness.*
PB Restore Probiome Complex

PB Assist ProBiome Complex

PB Assist+ ProBiome Gut Complex (25 PV)

Your Gut’s Best Friend

The gastrointestinal (GI) tract is responsible for digesting and absorbing nutrients and eliminating bodily waste from the body.

  • A wide variety of microbes are needed to process food and produce important chemicals that assist the immune system and other bodily functions.
  • A balanced diet is key to building a healthy gut microbiome that’s resilient and adapts quickly to circumstances. Additional support for the gut microbiome can come from supplementation.
  • Formulated for the entire family and gluten-free, PB Assist+ ProBiome Gut Complex provides a unique blend of diverse genus, species, and strains of pre- and probiotics. This great-tasting strawberry melon–flavored powder should be taken daily. PB Assist+ combines 13 probiotic strains and one prebiotic fiber—fructooligosaccharides (FOS)—for healthy gut colonization.*

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will this promotion last?
This promotion runs February 1–29, 2024.

How many times can I qualify for this promotion?
You can qualify for this promotion up to four times per account. Plus, you can earn the free products automatically per 200 PV—no need to place separate orders! For example, a 400 PV order would earn the promotional items twice, a 600 PV order would earn them three times, and an 800 PV order would earn them four times.

Do I have to place a loyalty order to qualify?
No. Any single 200 PV order will qualify (new member, one-time, loyalty, and retail).

What’s the difference between price and PV?
Personal Volume (PV) isn’t the same as dollar amount. Though for some products (like Lemon essential oil) the PV and dollar amount match, this doesn’t mean PV equates to the dollar amount of the products every time. Please review the PV amount shown in your cart before processing the order.

What markets are participating in this promotion?
The US, Canada, and NFR markets are participating in this promotion. To verify if your market is participating, contact Member Services in your market at +1 (800) 411-8151.

How do I know if my order has processed?
An order confirmation email will be sent to the email address listed on your doTERRA account.

I’m a retail customer. Can I participate in this promotion?
Yes! Anyone can participate in this promotion if your order contains at least 200 PV.

My credit card is declining. What should I do?
If your credit card is being declined, make sure you’ve entered the correct billing address and security code. If the problem persists, contact Member Services at +1 (800) 411-8151.

The promotional item isn’t showing up on my order. What should I do?
Verify your cart has met the 200 PV requirement. If it still doesn’t show up, contact Member Services at +1 (800) 411-8151.

How can I pick up my order at the Product Center in Pleasant Grove, Utah?
Simply select the Product Center when choosing your shipping method.

My order is under 200 PV. Can I still participate?
To qualify for this promotion, your order must be at least 200 PV. If you have any questions, contact Member Services at +1 (800) 411-8151.

Promotion Rules

  • All orders must be placed and processed by February 29 at 11:59 p.m. MT to receive the free products.
  • Orders placed after the qualifying period (February 1–29, 2024) won’t receive the free products.
  • Single orders must be at least 200 PV to receive the free products.
  • PV isn’t equal to the cost of an order. Before placing an order, please verify it’s at least 200 PV.
  • Any returns that result in an order falling below the 200 PV requirement will require the return of the free products.

If you feel you’ve qualified for the promotion but haven’t received the products, contact Member Services by using our Live Chat feature or calling +1 (800) 411-8151.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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