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Lime Oil Uses and Benefits

Lime Oil Product Description

Limes are small but spirited citrus fruits that pack a punch, and the essential oil cold-pressed from their peels is no exception. Lime essential oil is famous for its tart yet sweet aroma and flavour, as well as for a variety of topical uses and benefits. Lime oil adds a bright and lively citrus aroma as it’s diffused in your home. Just like the fresh fruit, Lime oil adds a pleasant, tangy flavour to your favourite dishes, drinks, and desserts. Include Lime essential oil in your personal care routine to give your skin a healthy-looking radiance and cleanse your hair and scalp. Because of its primary chemical constituent, limonene, Lime oil is a smart choice to use for cleansing surfaces around your home while emitting a refreshing, sweet aroma in its wake. With so many applications, Lime essential oil will soon become a staple in your daily essential oil use.  

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How do I use Lime Oil?

  1. Cooking: When fresh limes aren’t available, Lime essential oil is the perfect substitute when cooking. Lime oil adds a bright, citrus flavour to entrees and side dishes alike. Add a few drops of Lime oil to a meat marinade or to a finished plate for a delicious take on chicken or fish tacos. For a spin on French fries, try this recipe for Sweet Potato Fries and Avocado Dip with Lime Oil. Lime essential oil will provide a tart, fresh flavour no matter what’s on the menu.
  2. Flavoured Drinks: Using Lime essential oil provides a refreshing twist to your favourite beverages. One drop of Lime oil can add a burst of citrus flavour to an ordinary glass of water, or you can use Lime essential oil to enhance your favourite slushies and smoothies with a tart, fruity sweetness. Just using a couple of drops of Lime essential oil can elevate the taste of any beverage you choose.
  3. Desserts: Lime essential oil not only makes a great addition to your favourite drinks and dishes but to desserts as well. One or two drops of Lime oil can add a sweet, fruity flavour to all your homemade baked goods. Use Lime oil for the perfect key lime pie or to add a citrus surprise to your favourite muffin recipe.
  4. Personal Care: Spoil yourself by adding Lime essential oil to your personal care routine. Add one to two drops of Lime oil to your shampoo and give your scalp a delightful massage to enjoy its topical cleansing benefits. Alternatively, add one to two drops of Lime oil to your facial cleanser and reward your skin with an extra citrusy-clean feeling. As a bonus, pamper your lips by making this DIY Coconut Lime Lip Scrub. Just remember to avoid sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after applying Lime essential oil topically.
  5. Cleaning: When used to clean, Lime essential oil goes to work against sticky countertops, greasy spots, and stuck-on residues. Simply add a few drops of Lime oil on a cotton pad and wipe away those stubborn messes and enjoy the fruity, clean aroma as you move onto the next chore.
  6. Air Freshener: The invigorating, citrusy aroma of Lime essential oil can freshen up any indoor space. Simply combine distilled water and a couple of drops of Lime oil to a glass spray bottle and spritz throughout your home to enjoy this fruity, energizing aroma.
  7. Diffusion: Diffusing Lime essential oil can help energize the atmosphere the air in your kitchen, bedroom, office, or entire home. Add three to four drops of Lime oil to the diffuser of your choice and enjoy the bright, citrus aroma throughout your home.

Fun Fact

During the 19th century, limes were used as a means to prevent scurvy, a disease attributed to a lack of Vitamin C. British sailors were given a lime daily to suppress the illness, allowing them to stay out at sea for lengthy periods of time.

What is Lime Oil?

Limes grow on the Citrus aurantifolia tree, native to Southeast Asia. The shrub-like tree has glossy, ovate leaves with white, star-shaped flowers and produces a spherical, vibrant green fruit all-year round. The most common types of limes include Finger and Tahiti limes, with Key limes being the most popular. After being harvested, the peel, or rind, of the lime is cold pressed, to create the popular Lime essential oil.

What Essential Oils blend well with Lime Oil?

With its tangy, sweet aroma, Lime essential oil blends well with a variety of other essential oils. For a stimulating scent, blend Lime oil with spicy or woody essential oils, like Cedarwood oil or Black Pepper oil. Herbaceous oils like Cilantro oil and Basil oil produce a fresh aroma when blended with Lime oil, and essential oils like Lavender oil, Grapefruit oil, or Ylang Ylang oil to create a bright, inviting aroma when blended with Lime essential oil.


Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas. Avoid sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after applying product.

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