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Aprende a compartir dōTERRA en clases y presentaciones de persona a persona usando la Guía Comparte.

Para descargar en Español, presione aquí.

Lo que aprenderás

  • Cómo compartir dōTERRA en clases y presentaciones de persona a persona para que puedas ganar productos gratis
  • Anotar ideas para compartir, invitar y recordar
  • Sugerencias para hacer presentaciones exitosas y una cronografía ideal para hacerlo
  • Habilidades que ponen el fundamento de un negocio sólido

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How Can You Earn Free Essential Oils and doTERRA Products?

Sharing is easy and rewarding. It’s fun to share natural health solutions that bless peoples’ lives, while earning free favorites for yourself. Learn how you can start earning bonuses and get free products when you host a class.

Who Can You Invite to a doTERRA Class?

When you experience the power of essential oils, you naturally want to share with those you care about. Click here to start making a list of friends, family, and neighbors to start changing their lives for the better.

3 Steps to Invite People to Your Class

Inviting friends to a class really is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Follow these three simple steps to invite your friends and family to a class. Not sure how to ask? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Use the sample script ideas to get you started.

4 Easy Ways to Share doTERRA

There are many simple ways to share doTERRA essential oils with those you care about. From sharing samples to sharing online, check out these four easy ways to share so you can get started earning rewards and seeing the positive benefits in those around you.

How Can You Be Ready to Share Your Own Essential Oil Story?

Sharing your own story is a powerful way to help friends and family understand the benefits of essential oils. Use these tips to document your doTERRA essential oil story so you can be ready to share it with others at the class.

How Easy is it to Host a doTERRA Class? It’s Simple!

It’s easy to host a doTERRA class. Use these tips and ideal timeline to get started.


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Global Launch: How to Share doTERRA

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