Direct Deposit FAQ

A: Access the Direct Deposit authorisation form in your language at which needs to be filled out and emailed to:
A: Direct Deposit has been available in a number of countries across Europe for the last 14 months. With the ever growing number of payment requests, and to support payment of commissions to members in the best way possible, we are now making this a requirement of receiving commissions, as from 15 April 2020.
A: Direct Deposit is the easiest way to receive regular payments such as Fast Start and monthly bonuses. To reduce the amount of administration needed to request commission payments, Direct Deposit enables a seamless and efficient method of receiving A/R balances over €20.
A: These countries will be added to Direct Deposit in the coming months.
  • A: Commissions over €20 will be paid weekly as standard through Direct Deposit after 15 April 2020. If this presents you with a problem, please contact Member Services. Please note that manual payment requests will not be allowed .
A: No. After 15 April 2020, the only way that commissions will be paid to you is through Direct Deposit. If you choose not to complete the Direct Deposit form, commissions paid after 15 April 2020 will accumulate on your A/R balance.
A: There is no option to “opt out”. If you wish to receive your commissions after 15 April 2020, then you will need to complete and send back the Direct Deposit form. If you do not complete and return the form, your commissions will accumulate on your A/R balance.
A: If you do not complete the Direct Deposit form, commissions will continue to accumulate on your A/R account. However, participating in Direct Deposit means that you can enjoy the benefit of having weekly commission payments made directly to you.
A: Your A/R balance will continue to accumulate until you have provided your Direct Deposit information. You will always continue to receive earned commissions, but all commission payments must be made through Direct Deposit.
A: Yes. If you do NOT send back the form to us your commissions will continue accumulating on your AR balance and you can continue to use it for product purchases as before.
A: No, you will have access to your A/R balance in order to make purchases, whether you have filled out a Direct Deposit form or not.
No, you can continue to receive commission as an individual. If you are enrolled under a company name, then you need to provide your VAT details at Step 2 on the Direct Deposit form.
A: No. Commissions will only be paid in the currency that you used when paying for your product orders (i.e., GBP or Euro).
A: Yes. Once you authorise Direct Deposit, all earnings and bonuses over €20 will be automatically deposited to your bank account on a weekly basis.
A: Yes. Any payment less than €20 will be credited to your A/R account.
A: No. There is no fee to use Direct Deposit.
Once you submit your Direct Deposit form, all future earnings will be paid by Direct Deposit. Any amount that has accrued on your A/R balance prior to submitting your form will need to be requested to be paid by emailing
The name on the bank account must match the name on your dōTERRA account, which must have an IBAN reflective of the country in which your dōTERRA account is registered.
A: Yes, as long as your partner’s name is on your dōTERRA account we can deposit your commissions into his/her bank account.
A: No, we will only deposit commissions into the bank account designated on the Direct Deposit form.
A: The authorisation process for your Direct Deposit form may take 2-4 weeks to complete. Commissions are then paid weekly but the actual date that Wellness Advocates receive payments varies due to national holidays, bank processing, IT updates or issues, or other factors that may affect the processing of commission payments.
A: For those who are already receiving automatic commission payments each week there is no need to submit a new Direct Deposit form.

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