Google Pay and Apple Pay are now available!

Google Pay and Apple Pay are now available on shop.doterra. These additional payment methods have been introduced to help our members in Europe have a smoother and more familiar shopping experience. Please see below for the most frequently asked questions.

Where can I use these payment methods?

Apple Pay & Google Pay are exclusively available on shop.doterra, your digital shopping experience.

Which markets have access to these payment methods?

All our European markets can use Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Are Apple Pay and Google Pay accepted for all types of orders?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay and Google Pay for all types of online orders, including standard orders, One-Time Loyalty Orders (LRP) and monthly Loyalty Order templates.

Do these payment methods work on all website browsers?

Google Pay is available on all browsers. Please keep in mind that Apple Pay will only display as a payment method option if you are using the Safari website browser and are using an Apple device.

Why can't I see Apple Pay as a payment option?

Apple Pay is only available when using an Apple device and through the Safari browser. This is a limitation put in place by Apple, as it is an exclusive payment option for Apple operating systems.

Can I place orders through Member Services using these payment methods?

No. This feature is unique to online orders only and does not apply to orders placed through Member Services over the phone.

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