dōTERRA Europe Diamond Club: Points & Prizes

Diamond Club points will allow you to win prizes. The more points you have, the more chances you have of winning amazing prizes! There are three different ways you can win points.


Each time a participant enrols someone who has attended a Diamond Club class, the participant receives points. These points are awarded as indicated in the chart below.


Action Points Awarded
100+ PV Loyalty Order (LRP) from Diamond Club Enrolee 3
Silver - Diamond Rank Advancement 50


Purpose of Diamond Club

LRP Orders from New Members

In addition, participants can earn 3 points if the qualifying enrolee places an LRP order of 100 PV or more in the following month, plus another 3 points if that enrolee places another 100 PV Loyalty Order (LRP) in the month after that.

The enrolee will receive 25 product points (redeemable for doTERRA products) for each Loyalty Order (LRP) of 100 PV or more they place in those two months. This also applies outside of Diamond Club Season Dates as long as the orders directly follow the month of the enrolment. Orders must be placed in consecutive months.

You will not earn points from members who enrol and place Loyalty Order (LRP)who are not in your team; however enrolees will receive product points.

Rank Advancements

Participants will receive 50 points for each rank advancement they achieve (Silver - Diamond) during the course of Diamond Club.

Achievement Bonuses

For the purpose of the achievement bonus, participants will be separated into three groups. Rank group will be determined by the highest rank a participant has achieved since being a member with doTERRA. The three groups will be:

  1. Premiers
  2. Silvers
  3. Golds / Platinums

Each month of Diamond Club, participants will accumulate points. Participants with the most points accumulated within each month will receive the following achievement bonuses. Each of the three months will be a separate achievement period. Participants may win achievement bonuses on multiple months. Achievement bonuses will be paid to the AR balance of the participant after the commission run of the following month.

1st Place wins €500 / £435

2nd–3rd place win €250/ £220

4th–10th place win €150 / £130

Diamond Club Exclusive Sourcing Trip

The 80 participants with the most cumulative points at the end of Diamond Club will qualify for a doTERRA Sourcing Trip in 2024. Winners will have the opportunity to visit doTERRA’s partner growers and distillers and to see first-hand how our oils are grown, harvested, and distilled. This rare opportunity to see some of doTERRA’s supply chain will also give Wellness Advocates insight into how their efforts to share essential oils are not only benefiting those who use them in their homes, but also benefit the farmers and workers producing these oils. Our winners will have their hotels, on-site transportation, and food paid for on the trip. Airfare is not included. The top ten participants will also be able to bring a guest (paid for by doTERRA under the same terms as participants).

Rank Advancement Exclusive Gifts

As an extra incentive for advancing in rank, those who rank advance during the course of Diamond Club, will win a doTERRA branded gift. Participants must graduate from Diamond Club in order to be eligible to receive this gift.

Contact Us

Please contact the Europe Diamond Club Team on europediamondclub@doterra.com.

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