dōTERRA Europe Gold Legacy Trip

To qualify for the doTERRA Europe Gold Legacy Trip, Wellness Advocates must hit Gold for the first time and maintain Gold rank (or higher) for 6 out of the first 12 months following their initial rank advancement.  

The first doTERRA Europe Gold Legacy Trip, scheduled for July 2022 will be available to any Wellness Advocate who achieves Gold (or higher) for the first time from April 2021. Qualification for this trip will have a cut-off date of March 2022.

  • The six qualifying months do not have to be consecutive and do include the initial rank advancement as one of the qualifying months. 
  • The qualification period is on a rolling 12-month basis. Any Gold that achieves the qualification criteria within a 12-month period will be invited to the next doTERRA Europe Gold Trip.
  • Golds must have two personal enrolments in each of the months in which they maintain rank. The enrolees must both complete an enrolment order of at least 100 PV during their month of enrolment.

Successful participants will be invited to the earliest trip after meeting the requirements.

View qualification examples.

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