dōTERRA Europe Legacy Trip

Our Legacy

As industry leaders, it’s how we source pure products, care for the environment and give back to the community that matters. The Legacy Trip symbolise our mission and vision, empowering Wellness Advocates with experiences to help them share the message of doTERRA and be the Legacy.

Two Memorable Experiences

These experiences offer Wellness Advocates the opportunity to be eligible for and enjoy two individual excursions. Once a member has qualified for the first time, they will be invited to the Distillery Experience. After this, they will be able to qualify for and be invited to the Production Experience.

The participants will tour plant farms and distilleries where doTERRA products are sourced, connect with growers and distillers and hear about how doTERRA has impacted their lives. A visit to our production facility will also provide them with an opportunity to meet our scientists and learn more about the purity and quality of our essential oils. Joined by a corporate representative, each trip will include a highly informative seminar relating to practical business skills and doTERRA's vision and mission.

doTERRA will provide accommodation, transfers and meals pertaining to the programme on location. Flights and personal expenses will not be covered.

Legacy Trip Next Trip Dates Location
Distillery Experience July 2023 Bulgaria
Production Experience August 2023 Ireland

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