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Low Stock Report Israel Warehouse (OTG)

*The information below is subject to change and all expected return dates are an estimation. Our stock and the information below is reviewed regularly.
**Figure here applies to limit per order or limit per account.
Last updated on: 17 June 2024
60201774Hydrating CreamBack in StockAs of Today-YesYes5/28/2024
60201773Invigorating Scrub Essential Skin CareOut of StockReturn date TBC---6/17/2024
60206637Verage TonerOut of StockAs of Today---5/30/2024
60214189Citrus Bliss Hand LotionOut of StockReturn date TBC---5/17/2024
30220001ThymeOut of StockReturn date TBC---4/9/2024
31730001PassionOut of StockAs of Today---4/2/2024
31630001GingerOut of StockReturn date TBC---3/13/2023
31600001TerraShield SprayOut of StockReturn date TBC---3/13/2023
60205197FCO Bottle PumpOut of StockReturn date TBC---2/21/2024
60219755Single Essential Oil Cap Stickers Out of StockReturn date TBC---12/11/2023
60219754Essential Oil Blends Stickers Out of StockReturn date TBC---12/11/2023
60206602Verage CleanserOut of StockJanuary---11/21/2023
49530001SerenityOut of Stock----11/21/2023

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