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Low Stock Report Israel Warehouse (OTG)

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**Figure here applies to limit per order or limit per account.

60206208BalanceBack in StockAs of Today-YesYes9/12/2023
37480001Exfoliating Body ScrubBack in StockAs of Today-YesYes9/12/2023
60201750Anti-Aging MoisturizerBack in StockAs of Today-YesYes11/7/2023
49050001Root to Tip SerumBack in StockAs of Today-YesYes11/6/2023
60214432On Guard Natural Whitening ToothpasteBack in StockAs of Today-YesYes11/27/2023
49520001PetitgrainBack in StockAs of Today-YesYes11/27/2023
60218217Moisturizing Bath BarBack in StockAs of Today-YesYes11/21/2023
60206384On Guard, 15 mlBack in StockAs of Today-YesYes11/20/2023
30160001MyrrhBack in StockAs of Today-YesYes11/2/2023
60220509motional Aromatherapy System KitBack in StockAs of Today-YesYes11/2/2023
30410001HelichrysumBack in StockAs of Today-YesYes11/2/2023
31750001ForgiveBack in StockAs of Today-YesYes11/2/2023
60201752Tightening Serum Essential Skin CareBack in StockAs of Today-YesYes11/2/2023
60222678Hydrating CreamBack in StockAs of Today-YesYes11/2/2023
60206535PurifyDelivery onlyReturn date TBC---7/3/2023
60201753Facial Cleanser Essential Skin CareOut of StockDecember---9/6/2023
42690001Veráge Skin Care CollectionOut of StockDecember---9/19/2023
37500001Citrus Bliss hand lotionOut of StockDecember---8/7/2023
31630001GingerOut of StockReturn date TBC---3/13/2023
37550001Lip Balm - HerbalOut of StockDecember---3/13/2023
37530001Lip Balm - OriginalOut of StockDecember---3/13/2023
37540001Lip Balm - TropicalOut of StockDecember---3/13/2023
37570001Lip Balm, pk3Out of StockDecember---3/13/2023
31600001TerraShield SprayOut of StockReturn date TBC---3/13/2023
60206636Verage MoisturizerOut of StockReturn date TBC---11/27/2023
60206602Verage CleanserOut of StockJanuary---11/21/2023
60208147Peppermint BeadletsOut of StockReturn date TBC---11/21/2023
49530001SerenityOut of Stock----11/21/2023
30240001Ylang YlangOut of StockReturn date TBC---11/21/2023
60214188Spa Hand and Body LotionOut of StockReturn date TBC---11/20/2023
60221369AdaptivOut of StockDecember---11/2/2023
60206308DigestZenOut of StockJanuary---11/17/2023
60206377Deep BlueOut of StockReturn date TBC---11/17/2023
60206601Fractionated Coconut OilOut of StockJanuary---11/14/2023
31700001TerrashieldOut of StockDecember---10/5/2023
60224917Basic KitOut of StockReturn date TBC---10/25/2023

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