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doTERRA’s Seven Coziest Essential Oils

A wintry weather forecast means cozy indoor days are on the way. When it’s time to break out your cuddly blankets and warm sweaters, don’t forget to also bring out comforting essential oil aromas! To help you get prepared, we’ve compiled a list of seven essential oils that are sure to leave your smelling warm and cozy during the cold months ahead.

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The name Cardamom brings to mind so many spiced comfort dishes, and it’s no wonder! This famed spice is a hallmark ingredient of warm curries and baked treats. As an essential oil it can create a soul-warming atmosphere through both aromatic and topical uses.

Ways to use Cardamom:

  • Use during a comforting massage.
  • Add two drops to a warming bath soak.
  • Add to homemade chocolate or baked goods for a unique flavour.
  • Diffuse for a calm, comforting environment.

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You already know and love Cinnamon, but give your attention to its warming relative, Cassia! Cassia essential oil offers a sweeter, spiced, cinnamon-like scent that’s ideal for use all around your home to create the perfect cozy atmosphere.

Other ways to use Cassia:

  • Combine with a carrier oil for a warming scent during a neck massage.
  • Add to dessert and baking recipes for a dimension of sweet, spiced flavour.
  • Combine a drop with warm water and lemon for a delicious, soothing herbal tea.
  • Add to DIY cleaning solutions to add a comforting aroma to your clean home.

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Copaiba is a hidden essential oil gem, offering a rich, woody scent with every drop and gently enriching to the skin with its moisturizing properties. Use Copaiba at home to set the scene for comfortable night in, no matter the season.

Other ways to use Copaiba:

  • Combine with Epsom salt in a soothing foot bath.
  • Add a drop to your daily moisturizers for a soothing effect to skin.
  • Diffuse for a warm, grounding aromatic note in any diffuser blend.

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Well-loved in the culinary world and cherished as an essential oil, Ginger possesses one of the warmest scents of doTERRA essential oils. Perfect for your kitchen or diffusing in any room, Ginger’s spicy yet sweet qualities make it a housewarming essential.

Other ways to use Ginger:

  • Add a drop to your favourite herbal tea.
  • Inhale or use in an abdominal massage after a large meal.
  • Add to your favourite sweet and savoury recipes for a warm, spicy flavour.
  • Diffuse during colder seasons to create a warming atmosphere throughout your home.

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As one of the sweetest citrus essential oils, the classic, soothing scent of Grapefruit is sure to welcome a bright and uplifting note to your routines. Sometimes all it takes is a sweet and familiar aroma to make any space feel like home!

Other ways to use Grapefruit:

  • Add a drop to shampoo during a steamy shower.
  • Combine with evening facial cleanser for a fresh scent.
  • Add to cleaning spray for extra cleansing boost and uplifting aroma
  • Diffuse to add a bright note in any diffuser blend.

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Madagascar Vanilla

As the outdoors grow chilly, let the sweet and smooth scent of Madagascar Vanilla essential oil invite the ultimate cozy ambiance into your home. This rich and timeless aroma is the crowning jewel of comforting scents, and our list wouldn’t be complete without it.

Other ways to use Madagascar Vanilla:

  • Add to a warm bath for comforting aroma.
  • Combine with body lotion for a rich moisturizing experience.
  • Diffuse for a touch nostalgic sweetness in any diffuser blend.

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From a root the color of gold, Turmeric oil is similarly treasured for its warm aroma and earthy flavour. Whether you use it in the kitchen, on your skin, or in your diffuser, one drop of Turmeric invites a warm atmosphere that can truly transform your home.

Other ways to use Turmeric:

  • Combine with a carrier oil for a grounding scent during a shoulder massage.
  • Add to your favourite teas, smoothies, and recipes for a rich turmeric taste.
  • Diffuse for a warm, earthy note in your favourite diffuser blends.

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With this inviting lineup of some of our essential oils, you are sure to make your evenings inside a little cozier.
Was your favourite essential oil on our list? Let us know what you think are the most comforting doTERRA scents by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook (@doterraca)!

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