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Selling is a mindset and requires confidence—in yourself and the product. At the beginning of this guide you did the exercise “Know Why You Are Selling.” Review this often to remember the difference that you can make in other people’s lives and why you want to offer that change. A positive and confident mindset naturally leads to more successful sales and helps strengthen key habits.

Self-motivation is a key element of correct mindset. Find ways to keep yourself motivated when things get difficult or your confidence has been shaken. For example, call your mentor, review your vision board, or watch an inspirational video—whatever helps. Feelings of discouragement are unavoidable in sales, so it is important to have strategies in place to keep your spirits high and yourself focused when challenges inevitably arise.

Key Mindset Habits

Check off each habit when you have implemented it.

Accountability—understand that you are responsible for your success and do not make excuses.

Coachability—be open to feedback and take advice from others.

Vision—know what you want to accomplish and why.

Perseverance—do not take "no" personally, but recognize that building a relationship takes time and most sales happen after multiple contacts.

Positivity—express gratitude for quality products, a company you can stand behind, and your team members—no matter their level of engagement.

Graciousness—be kind to yourself and others; meet your customers and builders where they are.


Successful Wellness Advocates have diverse talents and strengths; however, there are important sales skills that they have in common. Becoming successful is, in large part, a process of keeping yourself disciplined. Being in business for yourself requires a high level of self-management. Set goals to stay focused and make a schedule for yourself.

Top Selling Skills

Top-selling Wellness Advocates have mastered these skills. Use the resources below to increase your knowledge of each skill and practice them until you become confident. Check off the skills you have currently mastered and tally your total at the bottom. When you have implemented them all, go back through to refine and improve.

Fill out and consistently update the Success Tracker (see Launch page 7).

Authentically connect and build trust. Sales success is related to the number of people you engage with (see Launch page 8 and Train bottom of page 5).

Successfully invite to presentations. Always keep class dates on your calendar (see Launch page 9).

Teach compelling classes (see Train pages 10–11 and watch videos on the Natural solutions section of the Empowered Success webpage).

Enroll successfully (see Launch page 11).

Overcome objections (see Launch page 11 and Train page 11).

Book classes from classes (see Train page 12).

Walk customers through the Lifestyle Overview and create a custom plan for their next three Loyalty Rewards orders (see Launch pages 12–13 and Live guide).

Prep hosts to hold a successful class (See Share guide).

Inspire customers to build a business with doTERRA (see Train page 9 and Build guide).

  _____=Total Skills Mastered

Key Skillset Habits

Check off each habit when you have implemented it.

Responsibility—when you say you will do something, do it.

Time/Priority Management—use your time efficiently and schedule PIPES activities every week. Spend the majority of your business hours on IPE activities (Inviting, Presenting, and Enrolling).

Control the Controllable—know you cannot control everything, but you are in control of your reactions, schedule, and activity.

Practice—continue to hone your sales skills.

Consistency—focus your energy on the money-making activities that bring desired results.

"Action is the foundational key to all success."—Pablo Picasso


The most efficient path to success is using a proven system and toolset. doTERRA provides the tools you need to effectively introduce essential oils, educate, enroll, engage customers in a wellness lifestyle with natural solutions, and accelerate your business.


Empowered Success

Written by doTERRA leaders, the Empowered Success system provides proven methods and resources to successfully sell the products and grow your business. As you learn more about the Empowered Success system, you will find that each of these tools has a purpose. You can utilize the guides to do specific jobs and make it easy to train others to do the same. Learn more on the Empowered Success webpage at



Empowered You

The Empowered You—Strengths Guide for Builders is a tool provided by doTERRA to assist you if you want to focus on leveraging your natural strengths in building your business. Learn about your strengths through the Empowered You video library. These tools help you find increased joy and success when selling.

Studies have shown people who use their strengths every day are more productive and six times more likely to be engaged in their work. In fact, individuals who use their strengths are three times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life.2 You can download the Strengths Guide for Builders on the Empowered You webpage at

Key Toolset Habits

Check off each habit when you have implemented it.

Discipline—work hard, be committed to using the tools and systems consistently, and do not reinvent the wheel.

Systems—focus on each step of the doTERRA sales process and implement a system for training others to do the same, such as Empowered Success.

Preparation—add key tools to your Loyalty order so you have what you need and don't feel rushed.

2 Gallup, Inc.

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