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A doTERRA Wellness Advocate shares a new kind of healthcare. We teach “with a book and a box” (oil reference guide and box of doTERRA CPTG essential oils), that you are prepared to address about 80 percent of your health priorities at home. For the other times, we invite you to partner with healthcare practitioners who support your commitment to using natural solutions. 

By choosing to be the solutions provider in your own home, your experiences create enthusiasm to share with others. During every interaction with prospective members, paint a picture of self-directed wellness. 

The doTERRA Empowered Success program enables you to empower others to change their lives.

Commit to and schedule your PIPES activities. This guide provides you with details on how to effectively engage in the essentials of launching your business.


Essential Launch Skills

  1. INVITE to product and business presentations
  2. TEACH product and business presentations
  3. FOLLOW UP with Lifestyle Overviews
  4. LAUNCH & SUPPORT your new builders


  • Be authentically you and naturally share your experiences to expose others to the possibilities.
  • With this positive exposure, invite your prospects to learn more at a class or one-on-one presentation where you offer the opportunity to enroll.

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