Alice Abba

Presidential Diamond Wellness Advocate


Alice Abba is Australia’s newest Presidential Diamond Leader. Recently achieving the rank of Presidential Diamond in November 2018 with her team “The Happy Collective”. 

Alice is a very bold, empowering and honest Leader and is not afraid to admit the challenges and bumps that come along with embracing the doTERRA journey and business opportunity.
Ever since Alice was a little girl her Mum would put Lavender on EVERYTHING, so she grew up knowing and experiencing what essentials were from a very young age. It wasn’t until four years ago that Alice heard of the company doTERRA. 
Then you would have found Alice managing stores for the athletic brand, Lululemon Athletica. Lululemon did a lot of partnership work in the yoga community, with local yoga instructors and studio owners. “I kept hearing from influential people in the yoga community who I would cross paths with, talking about this thing called doTERRA. Naturally intrigued, I decided to hop online, did heaps of research and was impressed by the transparency and testing of doTERRA. I then found a woman online in Canada who was a doTERRA Diamond Leader. She had two young girls like me, she glowed with authenticity and health and we had some friends in common on Facebook. I reached out to her to begin with the oils, but I knew in my heart it was already a big YES to the business opportunity too”. 
Creating and building your doTERRA Business is as much about personal growth as it is about professional growth. Alice’s biggest learning and insight into the products, was at the beginning of her doTERRA journey. She consciously chose not to feel overwhelmed when starting out using the oils and products. “I started with just one area of my life and my home that I chose to focus on. I kept it really simple and made sure that I was creating some very simple daily rituals in the process. These rituals helped me feel spacious and not overwhelmed. doTERRA is like Netflix for your health and wellness, there is a lot of choice and applications on how to use the products. But you don’t have to dive into everything all at once”.
In achieving the rank of Presidential Diamond, Alice’s very simple yet profoundly powerful key to reaching this goal and rank, was creating a two year vision. She wrote a two year vision of what she wanted to create and worked on it every single day. “When I hit my two year vision and goals on time, I chose to write down another two year vision and got to work again. At first it was working by myself and then it became about working alongside my tribe, The Happy Collective. Four years later I still believe that writing down your two year vision and then committing to that vision coming alive is one of the most powerful things you can do in your doTERRA business”.
Alice shares her insights and tips for anyone interested in creating a doTERRA business or Wellness Advocates who are just starting out. Her honesty and upfront approach of learning to be ‘good’ at the business, is refreshing and is sure to give someone with the feeling of self- doubt, or fear of failure a boost of confidence to build their belief in themselves and just to have a go, jump right in and do the best you can.  
“You have to be willing to be bad at it, in order to be GOOD at it. You should have seen the first time I shared an oils post on Facebook or my first invite to a class I was teaching. Or my first photoshoot. My first class. My first enrolment. My first follow up. My first time I spoke about the business or oils. Or my first time even using the oils. Really you should have seen my first YEAR of all of these things. Most of the time I was so awkward and had no idea what I was doing. So if you are new and starting out, or if you have been sharing the oils for a while now, I would like to invite you to not just expect to be GOOD at the things that you are still mastering. Expect to constantly work to improve yourself and your doTERRA skills. Expect that the process requires you, first to be okay with being ‘bad’ at it, and then trust and watch as you will eventually be good at it”. 
‘Aligned Motivation’ are the two key words that form part of Alice’s motivation. “My work is really important to me and it brings a sense of meaning to me. I am motivated in many ways in my doTERRA business; I am intrinsically motivated, which means I love building the doTERRA business for the sake of it and I did the work happily and consistently before there was a “reward” for it like an income. Then there are the goals I set myself along the way. Which end up being both an anchor for me to focus on the work I need to do for the goal right now, and also as a beacon ahead for where I’m heading”. 
Alice’s top three favourite doTERRA products are; Life Long Vitality, Copaiba and Lavender. She works these products into her daily rituals and week. Her family also jumps on board and loves using the essential oils in their daily life. 
  1. Lifelong Vitality - Along with water, exercise and good food, Life Long Vitality is my daily foundation. I take half at breakfast time and the other half at lunch and when I travel I keep them in a handy little pocket.
  2. Copaiba - My brain works overtime on ideas and thoughts, and I also have a very busy household with two young daughters who usually express and feel a big range of emotions. Every morning a drop into a glass of water helps me to feel grounded amongst all of this and it’s been a daily emotional go-to for a year now. I also enjoy a massage with Copaiba and Ice Blue Athletic Blend after workouts. 
  3. Lavender – Lavender is my go to for a lot every day. I use it as either a body or face mist if I’ve been out in the sun. I put a few drops every night in the bath for my daughters to help calm them before bed, and it’s always in our bedside diffusers too. My favourite combination before sleep (for both bedrooms) is Lavender + Peace blend or Lavender + Easy Air. I also make a DIY pillow spray that gets sprayed every night before bed. It has Lavender, Vetiver, Roman Chamomile, Copaiba + topped up with water and it never fails to settle us before sleep. 


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