dōTERRA Wholesale Customer FAQ

Vi oversetter nettstedene våre for øyeblikket. Følgende side er ikke tilgjengelig på språket for øyeblikket, så den vil som standard vises på engelsk frem til oversettelsen er tilgjengelig.

A: Yes. Wholesale Customers can participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program.
A: Yes. Wholesale Customer orders will count towards Fast Start Bonuses.
A: Wellness Advocates with no downline can reach out to Member Services to request an account change from Wellness Advocate to Wholesale Customer.
A: No. Any Wholesale Customer who upgrades to a Wellness Advocate account can be moved once the individual has personally enrolled a new member with a 100PV order.
A: In select cases a Wholesale Customer may be allowed to transfer into a Wellness Advocate position. If the position they wish to transfer into is underneath the same enroller, then they may be allowed to transfer into a Wellness Advocate position with placements approval.
A: Yes, you will receive an email whenever an enrolee upgrades their account from a Wholesale Customer Account to a Wellness Advocate Account.
A: Yes, if a Wellness Advocate decides not to enrol any team members, then they will eventually be converted back to a Wholesale Customer during their next renewal month, as outlined above. However, a Wellness Advocate can always opt out of this conversion process and decide to remain a Wellness Advocate.
A: Yes, Wholesale Customers do have access to the Message Centre to receive messages from their upline and respond to those messages.
A: A Wholesale Customer receives the same discount as a Wellness Advocate and has a more consumer- friendly shopping experience when they log into doTERRA.com.
A: Yes – A member will maintain all account information upon upgrade, including doTERRA Member ID Number, LRP status, and all Rewards Points.
A: No. Wholesale Customers do not have the ability to enrol other people, so they do not have access to a replicated mydoterra.com website.
A: No, each individual or married couple (legal partners) is only allowed one Wellness Advocate account OR one Wholesale Customer account.
A: To identify a Wholesale Customer on mydoterra.com, they will appear as a green icon. In addition, their icon shape will also reflect their LRP template setting, just like Wellness Advocate accounts do today.
A: Wholesale Customers contribute to your team in many of the same ways as Wellness Advocates, and have additional advantages:
  • Wholesale Customers can help you qualify for ranks and bonuses just as Wellness Advocates, including Power of Three and Fast Start.
  • By signing up downline members as Wholesale Customers, you can better distinguish between users and builders on your team and support them accordingly.
  • Wholesale Customers who upgrade to a Wellness Advocate and enrol a new member with 100PV will be eligible for a Sponsor move.
A: Yes, A Wholesale customer can be sponsored under any Wellness Advocate in the enroller’s organisation (including the enroller themselves).
A: No, Fast Start is paid on the first 60 days of membership for each new Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate, regardless of account type.
A: If you are a Wellness Advocate with no downline, you qualify to change your account to a Wholesale Customer account. Please refer to next question for conversion details and timelines.
A: A Wholesale Customer can upgrade their account on shop.doterra.com by selecting the account dropdown. Wholesale Customers may also contact Member Services for assistance with the upgrade process.

*It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved. >

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