dōTERRA Europe Diamond Club: Monthly Requirements

Monthly Requirements

Participants must meet the following requirements each month of the season to continue in the program and receive the bonuses.

1. Achieve the required number of qualifying enrolments:

Month Qualifying Enrolments
Month 1 – (March) 10
Month 2 – (April) 14
Month 3 – (May)
  • Qualifying enrolees must attend a class, as defined below:
  • Quailfying enrolees must place a single 100 PV or higher enrolment order
  • Qualifying enrolees must be within the doTERRA Europe and Israel markets.
  • Participants must submit the enrolment within three business days of the class
  • Each month, two of the qualifying enrolments must be personal enrolments

2. Hold at least four classes per month. Classes must meet the following criteria:

  • Classes must be entered in the Diamond Club Portal
  • Attendees for each class must be entered to the Diamond Club Portal within 3 days of the class being completed 
  • Classes may include one-on-one interactions with potential members
  • Classes may be online or in person
  • Participants must be actively engaged in the class

Contact Us

Please contact the Europe Diamond Club Team on europediamondclub@doterra.com.

Please contact the DACH Diamond Club Team on dacheuropediamondclub@doterra.com.

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