dōTERRA Europe Diamond Club: Qualifications

Program Schedule

Qualification Period 1 November 2023-31 January 2024
Applications Accepted Period 15 January 2024- 15 February 2024
Preparation Period 16 February 2024- 29 February 2024
Season Dates 1 March 2024- 31 May 2024

Qualifications to Participate

Wellness Advocates of Premier – Platinum ranks can participate when they meet the following requirements during the qualification months - 1 November 2023 – 31 January 2024

  • Achieve the rank Premier – Platinum
  • Personally enrol two new members in the Europe or Israel market (as either a Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer) with a single 100 PV or more enrolment order.
  • Have at least one upline leader who is willing to sponsor you during Diamond Club (members may have up to three sponsors; see Sponsor page for more information) 
  • Apply within the application period

In order to qualify, the member's doTERRA account must be held in Europe/ Israel, and any personal enrolments required for qualification must also be based in Europe/ Israel. Russia is not included.

Contact Us

Please contact the Europe Diamond Club Team on europediamondclub@doterra.com.

Please contact the DACH Diamond Club Team on dacheuropediamondclub@doterra.com.

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