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Welcome to, your brand-new, go-to resource in language* for everything doTERRA. This website is made for everyone, from our valued members to those who simply want to learn more about doTERRA's mission and values. All European markets will use this website to access their favourite resources and tools, including events information, promotions, Product Information Pages (PIPs) and more! will replace doTERRA Everyday and all our country-specific websites, which will be retired over the coming weeks.

Resources for All

You can count on to keep you updated on the latest information from doTERRA Europe. We have a variety of content to suit your needs, offering key information and materials in over 20 languages. Keep in mind that not all resources will be available in all languages or all at once. You can read more about this in our frequently asked questions.


Below is a brief breakdown of what you will find on the website. To help you during this transition, we've also referenced some of our most popular resources from our previous sites.

Our Story

From who we are to what we do, you can learn about the company, its mission and the doTERRA difference. Find out what essential oils are, how to use them and explore our CPTG™ Quality Testing. Discover dōTERRA Healing Hands™ initiatives in Europe and our commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of our growing partners through Cō-Impact Sourcing™.


Get ready to explore! This is your go-to page for information on all things doTERRA Europe. Improvements have been made, including key updates in detail below.


With so many great offers and products to enjoy each month, we've made it easier to access promotions. In the navigation menu, you can view promotions one of two ways:

  1. Hover over the 'Discover' tab and click the 'Monthly Promotions' image on the far right side of the dropdown banner.
  2. Hover over the 'Tools' tab and select 'Monthly Promotions'.

Or scroll down to 'Quick Links' at the bottom of the website and select 'Promotions'.

Product Information Pages (PIPs)

Product Information Pages are accessible via categorised icons from the main PIPs web page and you can choose your preferred language using the convenient language dropdown. There may be a reduction of certain PIPs in some languages as a result of the transition to This is due to the process of updating certain PIPs, which will become available as newer versions are made. If you can't find a product in your language, you can choose the 'English' version via the language dropdown.

Country-Specific Information

From the 'Discover' menu, members can quickly access information that is specific to their country, including downloadable documents, relevant brochures and specialised information. For ease, Wellness Advocates will also be able to view the same country-specific content using the 'Tools' tab and selecting 'Marketing Materials'.


Using the 'Discover' tab, you will find brochures and Leadership essentials collated under product education materials. As part of this transition to, outdated literature will be removed and replaced gradually with relevant or updated materials.

Shipping Information

A great new aspect of this Tools section is that all information regarding shipping updates can be found under this one tab. Easily access shipping information more efficiently and relevant updates that affect your market.


With, Wellness Advocates can access all the following training tools and leadership materials needed to build their business! Share information about the Loyalty Rewards Program, Empowered Success, download forms and relevant flyers. Broaden your knowledge of essential oils with education training and doTERRA Social, and easily access everyday websites such as mydoterra and the Digital Marketing Kit.

Marketing Materials

The 'Tools' tab will also allow Wellness Advocates to access the same country-specific Marketing Materials also available via the 'Discover' tab. This provides a familiar way to access essential materials and specialised content that is exclusive to a country.


As well as our new website navigation, our most recent promotions will be available in all languages currently provided. Initially, some web page content will only be available in the following languages:
Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian.
All content will be available over the coming months as we release additional languages in batches.

If your language isn’t immediately available, the content will be available to you in English for the time being. Website navigation and our most recent promotions will already be provided in all languages. will replace doTERRA Everyday and all our country-specific websites, which will be retired shortly after the launch of A list of all the websites being replaced is as follows:


The retirement of the above list of websites will occur shortly after the launch of You will be notified after the retirement has taken place via email.

At this time, not all web pages will be redirected to the new website. Once doTERRA Everyday and all country-specific websites have been retired, you will be redirected if you try and access these websites. Please make sure you update any email signatures or bookmarked websites on your browsers with the new link.

No. This website does not require a log in and can be accessed by everyone.

You can access shop.doterra from To shop for your favourite doTERRA products, hover over 'My Account' and then 'Login.' Or you can choose the 'Shop.doterra' link from the 'Product Education' section on the 'Discover' menu which will take you to the log in page.

As doTERRA Europe works towards improving your online experience, one of the important goals was to give all European members one modernised website to find all of the resources and information you need.

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