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doTERRA Europe: Spring 2023 Events  

1 March – 30 April | It's About the Journey Within... 

Become the best version of yourself and join us at an event near you.   

At a Spring 2023 event, you will draw inspiration from others and learn about the practices to put your wellness first.  

Our Exclusive Spring Fresh Offer 

Featuring the brand-new Copaiba infused CP+ Softgels, this limited time offer collection celebrates the launch of our Spring 2023 events.  



  • CP+ Softgels, available for the first time in Europe and developed with Copaiba to offer a multitude of benefits 
  • dōTERRA abōde™, formulated with essential oils known for their cleansing constituents 
  • dōTERRA Citrus Bloom™ Body Wash, bursting with floral aromas and ingredients to leave your skin feeling clean and fresh 

With this exclusive Spring Fresh Offer, begin a journey within to love yourself from the inside out.  

Available while supplies last. Event attendance is not required to purchase the Spring Fresh Offer. 


Shine | dōTERRA Europe Convention 2023

5–6 May 2023 | Lisbon, Portugal  

As Convention draws near, now is the time to confirm your attendance! View our varied ticket options below.  

Look forward to... 

  • Attending our biggest event in 2023 – remember, there is no livestream option this year so being at the in-person event is the only way to enjoy the experience 
  • New to Europe product launches and trying a range of doTERRA essentials on offer at the Product Showcase 
  • Feeling the atmosphere of Convention for yourself, the energy of the room and an awe-inspiring celebration of our essential oil community 
  • Being a part of the connection, education and feeling of sharing a passion for purity that sets doTERRA apart from the rest 

Be sure to check out the latest special guest speakers joining us at Convention! 

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Celebrating International Women's Day

In honour of this special day that took place on 8 March, listen to some inspirational stories from our female sourcing partners and the life-changing work they have been a part of. 

Elena's Story: Reviving an Old Tradition  
Elena knew that Moldova had a long history of growing aromatic plants and distilling essential oils, but its heritage was being forgotten. For Elena, partnering with doTERRA means creating jobs and expertise and bringing development to a region that greatly needs it.  

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Lauren's Story: Building a Community 
In Albania, Helichrysum is the main source of income for many small-scale farmers. For Lauren, sourcing reaches beyond salaries and contracts. It’s about how we can help communities thrive and doTERRA has been involved in a range of community-building projects. Hear Lauren share her thoughts on the importance of empowering people around the world.  

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Cecilia's Story: Citrus Essential Oils from Italy
doTERRA’s mission has always been clear: to find the purest essential oils. Luckily, Cecilia was looking for a partner that shared the same vision. After reaching out to our Founding Executive and President, Emily Wright to save her family business, Cecilia became one of doTERRA’s main sourcing partners for citrus essential oils. 

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Don’t Miss out on dōTERRA Mālama™: Moisturising Bath Bar & Restorative Hand Cream 

These limited time offers will make the perfect gifts to celebrate and thank the women in your life. 

Mālama™ Bath BarMālama™ Hand CreamShop NowWatch Video

Available while supplies last. Items available individually. 


doTERRA at Home: DIY Spray

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Before a busy day, create a personal sanctuary by using dōTERRA abōde™ as part of your morning routine.  

White vinegar (85 ml) 
30 drops dōTERRA abōde™  

Glass spray bottle (500 ml) 


  1. Add the white vinegar to the spray bottle 
  2. Top up with water until about three quarters full 
  3. Add 30 drops of dōTERRA abōde™ 
  4. Shake thoroughly, spray as needed and wipe clean 

For more DIYs and recipes, head to our YouTube playlist here


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