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PR awareness kit

2023 Summer Events – Tickets on Sale Now! 

1 June – 31 July 2023  

Be present, live in the moment. Your invitation to a doTERRA summer event is here! 

The sun is shining and so are you! Immersed in the afterglow of the Shine Convention Experience, these events will explore topics and themes from Convention in depth. As we try and spend more time with ourselves and our families over the coming months, be sure to set aside some time to be a part of a doTERRA 2023 Summer event.  

Find an online or in-person experience near you and enjoy a bright, beautiful summer! 


Tripling Our Impact by 2030: The Pursuit Report 2022

As doTERRA has grown over the past 15 years, so has our potential to do good. 

To ensure we fulfil our responsibilities to our customers, partners and the world, we adopted this motto: pursue what's pure. Throughout our business practices, these words guide us. As we build on our relationships with those we work with, better understand our supply chains, and strive towards a more sustainable future, we continue to write the doTERRA story. To achieve our goal, we are committed to working hard, persisting, and innovating so that we can find the best essential oils and help as many people as we can. 

Our progress is documented in the Pursuit 2022 Report. Let's continue to pursue what's pure and leverage our unique approach to be an impactful force for good. 

Read more using the link below. 

Pursuit Report 2022

Please note the full Pursuit Report 2022 is available in English only. 

The Pursuit Online

Available in selected languages*. Click the link above to view the key highlights of the report. 

*English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Romanian. 


Post-Convention Kit 2023: MetaPWR™ System!

Available while supplies last. 

Embark on your MetaPWR journey now with the official Post-Convention Kit 2023... Since its announcement at this year's Shine Convention 2023 event, you can enjoy the highly anticipated MetaPWR™ System in Europe! The latest in scientific, ground-breaking essential oil innovation can be yours. It's time to find your power...   

Kit Includes 

  • MetaPWR™ Essential Oil Blend (15 ml)  
  • MetaPWR™ Softgels (90 softgels)
  • MetaPWR™ Beadlets (125 beadlets)  
  • MetaPWR™ Assist (30 capsules)
  • MetaPWR™ Advantage (30 sachets)

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Available while supplies last or until July 31. 

MetaPWR™ Education Course 

Start this self-paced, FREE online video course today and discover how the MetaPWR™ System can transform your daily lifestyle choices. Learn how to live better at every age with a powerful line of products that can revolutionise your wellness. 

Available in 22 languages. Click the link below to access the course in one of the 11 languages available.

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Upcoming Price Adjustments – From 1 June 2023

Here at dōTERRA, one of our biggest priorities remains sustaining the high quality and efficacy of our products. In response to global challenges, such as inflation and significant increases in the cost of raw materials, we will be introducing some price adjustments for most of our products in Europe from 1 June 2023. As we adapt to ever-changing international conditions on a yearly basis, we remain dedicated to delivering the items you know and love. 


Wire Transfers Reminder

To avoid any potential fees that you may incur from your bank when making wire transfer payments, we would ask that you use the following account information found in the link below. 

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