doTERRA empower

doTERRA empower the freedom to grow

doTERRA is an unbelievable vehicle to get you where you want to be.

Jose, Portugal have this community, to have this doTERRA family that I am a part of... empowers me to go out and create more good in the world.

Elin, Denmark

I could see how this was going to become an incredible business for us.

Rebecca, UK

Introducing doTERRA empower

empower is designed to support you as you encourage and inspire new people to join doTERRA. Use this Europe-approved content as a starting point to highlight the freedom that doTERRA can give individuals to grow, personally and professionally.
This is a presentation and video assets package to support you when sharing about why doTERRA is unique, our passion for product and purity, and making the choice to be a Wellness Advocate in partnership with doTERRA.

Training Presentations

Use the main PowerPoint as it stands or use it to create presentations of your own. Share sections to focus and educate on specific topics such as doTERRA company facts, queries about direct selling, Certified Pure tested Grade (CPTG), Co-Impact Sourcing, Product purity or creating a business with doTERRA.

PowerPoint PDF Videos

Or use one of the custom ready-made versions. Whether you need a quick simple introduction to doTERRA, you want to make your presentation more personal, or you want to focus on supporting others to build their own business - these presentations are ideal.

Please share and use the presentations to help to motivate and empower others, and support the potential growth of your business.



Thinking about joining us?

Watch The doTERRA Way video to see how a partnership with doTERRA can provide you with a chance to make a difference in your life and the lives of those around you.

Love doTERRA products and want to know more?

You may already be a customer with doTERRA so you know about the purity and potency of our essential oils. Now learn more about how you can develop a business with us by watching the Pure Partnership video.

Want to share this assets package with other Wellness Advocates?

The empower intro video highlights the content of the assets package and how it can support the potential growth of your business.

A New Start with doTERRA

Share this simple introduction video with others to get them motivated - A New Start With doTERRA.

How to use

Here are a few suggestions about how to use the new content:

Share videos directly with your new/potential connections.

Add The doTERRA Way video to your social media accounts to promote the business opportunity.


Select slides from the PowerPoint presentations to use to highlight specific topics of interest to you.

Create a presentation to use during your Intro to Oils class or share the videos as part of the class.

Using the PowerPoint or PDF, create an e-handout or flyer that you can share with those interested in topics eg our focus on purity and quality, or business benefits.


Email a potential enrolee with a short presentation about doTERRA to help to develop their interest.


Use the information to create new posts on social media, using doTERRA Social if you need support.


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