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​#doTERRALifeGoals will challenge you to put your wellbeing first and create those healthy habits that you will be thankful to have started today in five, ten, thirty years’ time.

​The best part is, you are not doing it alone!  

Are you ready to start creating change in your life? 


#doTERRALifeGoals Challenge Guidebook


How to join:

​Step 1: Choose Your Goal

​Nutrition, fitness, rest, mental wellbeing… Wellness is a spectrum and there are many different areas we can focus on. For this challenge, choose the goal you want to work on first, the one you feel will have the biggest impact on your lifestyle. 

​Step 2: Build Your Protocol  

​Create a list of small daily habits that will help you reach your goal and choose the products that will support you on your journey. Print the #doTERRALifeGoals tracker in the last page of the guidebook and check in every day.  

​Step 3: Make a Pledge  

​Say it loud and clear, “I am doing this!”. Tell your friends, write it down or visit the doTERRA Europe social media pages and share your pledge and progress by using #doTERRALifeGoals and tagging us (@doterraeurope) when you post for a chance to be featured!  

​Step 4: Invite Friends 

​The doTERRA community will be with you every step of the way, but why not consider inviting a friend to join your journey? Partner up at the gym, enjoy walks with a family member, or involve your partner in cooking meals together.  
Look around you and get people involved. 

​Step 5: Let’s Do This! 

​The challenge begins on 1 April 2024!  

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Kontaktieren Sie uns

Bitte kontaktieren Sie das Europe Diamond Club Team per E-Mail an europediamondclub@doterra.com.

Bitte kontaktieren Sie das DACH Diamond Club Team per E-Mail an dacheuropediamondclub@doterra.com.

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