Room Booking

The room booking service at the Will Call is a free service designed to provide event spaces for any Wellness Advocates to introduce and promote dōTERRA products and, business opportunities.


How To Apply

  1. Members can send text messages via WhatsApp to 6540 1347 to apply for room rental. To avoid the loss of any messages, voice message/phone call applications are not accepted.
  2. Members should include the following information in their application:
  • Member ID
  • Name 
  • Booking Date and Time  
  • Room to be reserved
  • Conference facilities or equipment to be provided by dōTERRA 
  1. All  applications have to be approved and confirmed by the company. Applicant will receive confirmation message via Whatsapp.
  2. All rooms are open for reservation in 2 months timeframe. For example: Only days in June and July can be resreved in June.


 Terms of Service

  1. Applicants can only organize activities related to dōTERRA's products and business opportunities.
  2. The room booking service is offered to Wellness Advocates for FREE . The company is not responsible for any event fees charged.. 
  3. Please specify the conference facilities or equipment needed at the time of application for our preparation. 
  4. To facilitate optimal use of resources, if one organization/group reserves more than one room, the company has the right to review and make decision on room allocation based on the expected number of attendance. .
  5. Cancellation have to be made no less than 7 working days prior to arrival except under inclement weather conditions.
  6. Walk-in rental will beserved on a first-come first-served basis.
  7. dōTERRA Hong Kong reserves the right of final decision on venue allocation.


Terms of Use

  1. Bring your own bed cover and towel (if needed).
  2. Bring your own laptop computer (if needed).
  3. For security reasons, please DO NOT block the CCTV in the room.
  4. Please keep the venue clean. The applicant shall be responsible for the relevant maintenance cost or compensation if there is any damage and loss of equipment or items.
  5. Eating and drinking are not allowed. Bringing pets is also prohibited.
  6. The applicant shall maintain the normal and complete operation of equipment. After event, the venue and the equipment should be restored to their original state. Each green plastic chair can be stacked up to 5 chairs (please refer to the pictures in room). Please make sure that the equipment and tools are properly placed, and all lights and air-conditioning are turned off. If the activity is completed after office hours, applicant must arrange all participants to leave and ensure door is completely closed.
  7. Applicant should take photo of the reinstated venue and WhatsApp to 6540 1347 within 30 minutes after the activity for record.
  8. Applicant should abide by the venue booking rules. dōTERRA Hong Kong reserves the right to update the terms and conditions from time to time.
  9. In the event of repeated violations of the above, dōTERRA Hong Kong reserves the right to reject the applicant's future applications, and reserves the right to check the CCTV and video records.


Emergency & Safety Guidelines

  1. If the Observatory issues a typhoon signal or a black rainstorm warning, venue rental service shall be handled in accordance with the office’s rules.
  2. During after office hours and when there are no employees on duty, in case of sudden or emergency situations, please call the Ocean Building Management Office at 2302 4190 immediately.
  3. When there is a fire, please call the Management Office at 2302 4190 and dial Emergency Number 999. Applicants must immediately arrange for all event participants to leave from the fire exit at the side door of the office.   Do not use lift during emergency.


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