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【doTERRA’s Preventive Measures for Safe Delivery - Delivery Arrangement During the Pandemic As Follows! 】

The recent pandemic has developed rapidly. In order to ensure everyone will receive doTERRA’s products, our logistics partner has been cooperating to strengthen the following safety measures:
1. The delivery team will clean and disinfect their vehicles frequently for places such as carriages, seats, door handles, seat belts, and latches at least twice a day;
2. Each courier must measure his/her body temperature for record before going to work; 
3. The courier team must wear masks at work, disinfect and clean their hands frequently. It is also recommended that customers wear masks when receiving the products to protect both parties;
4. The courier team will also use disinfectant spray to clean every day after delivery;
5. In response to the government’s announcement of further strengthening of pandemic prevention and anti-pandemic measures, the company temporarily does not accept persons undergoing compulsory quarantine;
6. If symptoms of respiratory infection or fever occur, the logistics company will immediately request their employee(s) to seek medical treatment and stay at home for isolation.
According to the guidelines of the logistics company, in order to prevent the spread of the virus and ensure the health and safety of the courier team and recipients, the following delivery arrangements will be effective during the pandemic:
1. If the delivery address is a building with confirmed coronavirus case(s)—the courier team can only sign and receive the products with the recipient in the lobby or place the products at the registration counter in the lobby upon the recipient’s request and approval.
2. If there is a confirmed case in the delivery address—the logistics company will inquire whether the customer can change the delivery address. If there is no change, the order will be temporarily stored in the warehouse.
3. If the delivery address is a building that needs to be enclosed—the logistics company will contact the recipient if their address can be changed. If there is no change, the order will be temporarily stored in the warehouse.
4. The logistics company will refer to the list of buildings with confirmed coronavirus cases announced by the Department of Health. The buildings will be kept on the list for 14 days from the date of the last visit of the case. 
List of Buildings with Confirmed or Suspected COVID-19 Cases :  
For details, please refer to the Hong Kong Pickup and Delivery Instructions on the official website:

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