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On-Guard and Health Products Supply

Due to the recent increase in global demand for On Guard products and health products, please check the product availability from doTERRA US website everytime before you place NFR order.

URL link -

Please refresh your order if you have set USNFR LRP order before.  Or you may consider place HK OTG order instead.

Shipping & Delivery Issue 

Due to minor supply chain disruptions caused by COVID-19, the general delivery time from US to Hong Kong will be 10-15 working days longer than usual. In addition, in order to facilitate and reduce the frequency of disturbing the recipients, the order will be shipped out after all the products are ready. Sorry for any inconveniences caused.



Update of Will Call Pick-Up Policy

In order to protect the personal rights and privacy of members, with immediate effect, if a member entrusts someone to pick up the order on his/her behalf, the trustee must fill in his/her full Chinese or English name and contact number on the receipt when receive the goods.  For third-party logistics company, it must be stamped with a clear company chop.


Expiry Date of Hydrating Cream (Lot No. 191930 – 2208)

Due to printing error, the expiry date of Hydrating Cream (SKU: 60204156), Lot No. 191930 – 2208 , should be End 2021.  Customer can use with peace of mind. We sorry for any inconvenience caused.



Product Notice

The supply of the associated kits will also be affected. Please login your online office to update the shopping cart if you have selected the following items in your LRP program. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


產品缺貨 Out of Stock:

SKU# 產品名稱 Product Name 備註 Remark
60215650 精爽膚水 VERÁGE® Toner  - 接受預訂 NOT accept Pre-order
60202189 精油柔順調理護髮素家庭裝 Smoothing Conditioner Family size 接受預訂,預定10月中旬恢復供應
Accept Pre-order.  Expected re-stock in Mid of October.
60204151 活力磨砂膏 Invigorating Scrub - 接受預訂 NOT accept Pre-order
- 60208282 & 60207589 套裝之供應不受影響
  Supply of 60208282 & 60207589 kits not affected
60212180 薄荷軟膠囊 Peppermint Softgels  - 接受預訂 NOT accept Pre-order


產品更新訊息 Product Update:

SKU# 產品名稱 Product Name 備註 Remarks
60215650 泡沫式補充空瓶
dōTERRA On Guard® Foaming Hand Wash Dispenser
Product replaced by Amber Foaming Hand Wash Dispenser (SKU #60216132)
60215650 爽膚水 VERÁGE® Toner  產品編號更新 SKU Updated (舊 Old #37390306)
31080306 仕女複方精油 Whisper®  產品已被呵護系列 - 仕女複方精油代替
Product replaced by dōTERRA® Whisper® Touch (SKU #60215525)
60212723 淨白煥膚凝膠 Brightening Gel 新包裝及產品編號更新 New Packing and SKU Updated (舊 Old #60201455)
60213391 保衛複方晶球 On Guard® Beadlet 產品編號更新 SKU Updated (舊 Old #31580406)
60205978 保衛複方淨化噴霧 On Guard Sanitizing Mist

10 bottles for each account per month

60207167 益生菌防護綜合複方  PB Assist®+ 產品編號更新 SKU Updated (舊 Old #35160406)
37420306 天然體香劑  Natural Deodorant 產品已被安定平衡精油體香膏代替
Product replaced by Natural Deodorant with doTERRA Balance (SKU #60212345)
60210287 保濕沐浴香皂 dōTERRA® SPA Moisturizing Bath Bar 產品編號更新 SKU Updated (舊 Old #37450306)
60210285 舒眠恬靜沐浴香皂 dōTERRA® SPA Serenity Bath Bar 產品編號更新 SKU Updated (舊 Old #60202191)
30150406 茶樹 Tea Tree 茶樹標籤上之英文名稱將由Melaleuca更改為Tea Tree。 是次改動是基於Tea Tree這個名字更廣泛被使用,為了讓一般學習精油人仕更容易認識到茶樹精油的好處而作出調整。 除此之外,茶樹精油的使用方法也會更新為擴香及外部使用,茶樹是GRAS食品添加劑 (一般被認為是安全的)。標籤的更改僅反映了茶樹主要因其局部使用和芳香功效而聞名。而這些更改不會影響茶樹精油的安全性及有效性。而茶樹15mL會即時作出標籤上的更改,而呵護系列 - 茶樹精油10mL及茶樹5mL亦將會陸續作出更改。產品編號、價錢及點數將維持不變。

We are adjusting the name of Melaleuca (Tea Tree) Melaleuca alternifolia to Tea Tree Melaleuca alternifolia. This will allow Tea Tree to be more recognizable throughout the global essential oil community. We will also adjusting the usage method of Tea Tree to only topical and aromatic use. This change does not reflect the efficacy or safety of doTERRA's Tea Tree essential oil. Tea Tree is GRAS (generally recognized as safe) as a food additive. The label change simply reflects that Tea Tree is primarily known and used for its topical and aromatic benefits. The tea tree (Melaleuca) 15mL will immediately make the change on the label, and tea tree (Melaleuca) roll on 10mL and tea tree (Melaleuca) 5mL will also be changed after another. Item SKU, Price and PV will remain unchanged. Please kindly note.


最後更新 (年.月.日) Last Update ( 2021.09.02

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