Healing Hands in Hong Kong

Since 2020, dōTERRA has served up to 300 audiences in Hong Kong. We will keep sharing the love and help the world heal.


    • Mrs Tsang Wing Neighbourhood Elderly Centre
       - Bath Salt Workshop
       - Volunteer Training
       - Essential Oil sachet Workshop
    • Social Welfare Department -Tsz Wan Shan Integrated Family Service Centre - Parent-child Play workshop


    • Mrs Tsang Wing Neighbourhood Elderly Centre:
    •  - Aroma Massage Workshop (online)
       - Mid-Autumn Handmade Soap
       - Aroma Relaxing Workshop
       - X'mas Perfume Workshop
    • New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association
    • Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power
    •  - Aromatheraphy 


    • Dialogue In The Dark
    • Social Welfare Department - Sai Kung Integrated Family Service Centre
    •  - Mid-Autumn Handmade Soap Workshop
    • Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service - 
    • Mid-Autumn Handmade Soap Workshop


    •  Heep Hong Society:
      - Get To Know More About Oils
      - Oil Usage Tips
      - Reset the mood
      - Aroma Hand Massage
      - Aroma Head Massage
      - Relaxing Breath

Sandy Mak, Eva Lo, Catherine Yuen, Ivanes Chow, Mandy Cheung, Joyce Lee, Candy Chow, Lily Liu, Cynthia Tsoi, Celine Yu, Lois Wong, Josie Leung, Martha Ngan, Simcha Chu, Shirley Lau, Yvonne Cheung, Bobo Wong, Iris Luk, Joey Cheung, Jennifer Lam, Apple, Eliza Liu, Rose Cheung, Yoyo Yiu, Cynthia Kwok, Amber Lau, Venus Lam, Fiona, Sindy, Dennis

[Record from 2020-2023.  Names not listed in order]





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