11 Easy Enrollment Tips


doTERRA offers some incredible tools to help you with your enrollment—like Empowered Success Guides. If you haven't had a chance to look at the Live Guide, we strongly recomment you do. This guide focuses on increasing your LRP enrollment and retention through teaching you and your team how to use doTERRA’s Wellness Pyramid. The Pyramid will help you create a wellness lifestyle by incorporating the right products to address your specific health goals. It also teaches you how to use the Loyalty Rewards Program to save money. To top it off, it shows you some fun and easy recipes to start using your oils right away. Of course, it's important to have many tools in your belt available to help you enroll, which is why we have compiled 11 great tips to help you with your enrollment:


  1. Talk to everyone you can. This is fairly straightforward. You can only enroll people you get to know. 
  2. Listen. You can’t appeal to your potential enrollee’s needs if you do not know their circumstances.
  3. Carry oils with you. (You can also tote your swag.) Oils are a great conversation piece that can help you create curiosity in others around you.
  4. Plan and have consistent classes. Whether this is a few times a months or a few times a week, being consistent can go a long way when you’re trying to get people to come to a class. People are busy, but if you can say you always have a class at a certain time they will be a lot more likely to come when it is best for them.
  5. Emphasize the value of doTERRA products as you host a class. If you can show people how the oils can benefit their daily lives, you have shown them why they need to give doTERRA a try.
  6. Mention the business opportunity at the end of every class. People like to know exactly what they need to do, and why. Make it a point to mention the business at the end of every class. Mention why you got involved with the business. Tell them that if they want time freedom, some extra income, or even to replace their income* to talk to you after the class.
  7. Share your experience. When talking to others, share your experiences with doTERRA. This can be any story, from balancing your business and family to how you were introduced to doTERRA. Once people feel that they can relate to you, they will be more open.
  8. Physically show them how to enroll. Bring a laptop or two to your classes. If someone wants to sign up at that moment, why not have the capability of doing it right then and there? Even if they want more time to think about it, it never hurts to have this option available.
  9. Follow up. We know you probably have heard this a lot, but follow up is one of the huge secrets to the success of many of our Wellness Advocates. Don’t let fear of bothering someone get in your way. If you do follow up the right way, (i.e. call to ask if they’ve used the product or thought about the business) then this can definitely help you enroll more people.
  10. Build a relationship, not just a one-time sale. All of the previous tips should help you start on the right foot. In  getting to know someone you need to have begun a relationship that will not end as soon as they sign up. Make sure they know that you’re there to answer questions and help them through the entire process.
  11. Utilize the Empowered Success Guides. These Guides were created for you to use to succeed in your enrollment and retention, but they also have amazing tips on using and sharing the product, inviting people and hosting your own classes, even helping you strategize to launching to Elite.

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