Sharing dōTERRA Internationally

doTERRA Goes Through the Front Door

People naturally share doTERRA products with those they care for, all around the world. Sharing products internationally is highly encouraged and certainly creates wonderful relationships and opportunities!

When doTERRA expands into new international markets, the company “goes in through the front door”, diligently working with international regulatory entities to lay the groundwork and comply with product registration requirements and approved marketing claims. With this foundation, doTERRA products and those who share them can make a significant difference in people’s lives. 

Key Links for Sharing Internationally

To help you prepare for your foray into sharing doTERRA products internationally, the following tips, resources, questions and answers have been compiled to help.

Understanding On The Ground (OTG) and Not for Resale (NFR) 

Global Access Countries (GAC) Q&A

Contact a doTERRA International Market Office 

Access to International Market Sites

doTERRA UK Policy Manual Section 14: Doing Business Internationally

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