Unilevel does not start out as the bulk of your check, but as you build over time, it can definitely be the most significant part of your doTERRA income. Here are a few key things to note that make it the key to a strong, residual income opportunity.

1. The highest percentage is earned on lower levels. 
Unlike many other companies, doTERRA's compensation plan lets you earn the highest percentage on the lower levels. As you grow or mentor your team leaders and structure efficiently for rank, you will see your team grow wider on your deeper levels. This means the lowest percentages are earned on the smaller groups of people and the highest levels earned on the largest groups. Look at the difference in payout with the comparison to the left.

2. There is no breakage in payout. 
doTERRA's Unilevel is set up to make sure there is no breakage in payout. If someone below you doesn't qualify to earn the Unilevel on another member's order it will roll up to you. This happens throughout every level of your organization!

Rank Bonuses/Leadership Pools

Rank bonuses are paid out as leadership and performance pool shares. The leadership and performance pools are determined based on set percentages from global commission sales volume (CV). Each month rank is achieved a builder can be paid out in these pools according to the number of shares that are earned.

Each pool is a little different, so let’s look at them individually.
1. Leadership Performance Pool 
    This pool is made up of 2 percent Global PV 
    Silvers earn 1 share Golds earn 5 shares 
    Platinums earn 10 shares
2. Diamond Performance Pool 
    This pool is made up of 1 percent Global PV 
    Diamonds earn 1 share Blue Diamonds earn 2 shares 
    Presidential Diamonds earn 3 shares
3. Diamond Pool 
    This pool is made up of 1 percent of Global PV 
    Diamonds earn 3 shares
4. Blue Diamond Pool 
    This pool is made up of 1 percent of Global PV 
    Blue Diamonds earn 3 shares
5. Presidential Diamond Pool 
    This pool is made up of 1 percent of Global PV 
    Presidential Diamonds earn 3 shares
6. Empowerement Pool Bonus
    This pool is made up of 1 percent of Global PV
    Silvers and Premiers who personally enroll a new member with 100 PV earn one share
    No extra shares are earned and the new member (Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate) needs to have a 100 PV initial order placed during the month to qualify
As you personally enroll and mentor builders on your team to achieve new ranks you can earn additional shares in these pools! For example, if you are a qualifying Gold and one of your personally enrolled builders achieves Elite for the first time, you will get an extra share from the Leadership Performance Pool.

Commission earnings are based on the USD exchange rate. Personal earnings may be less. 

*It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved. 

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