Congratulations on Reaching Diamond

Tim & Emily Mascarenhas


This all began with me, a mum, and an intense desire to want to protect my babies from anything that could harm them. This mamma bear instinct lead me to dōTERRA. If there was a product I could buy that could protect my family from illness, and even if they did get ill, I could then use it to help them get better... I was so excited by this prospect that aligned so fully with my heart. But as soon as I opened the bottles I knew there was more here, I knew I was meant to share these oils with others almost straight away. 

When I first came across the doTERRA stand at the Mind body and spirit show around 3 years ago I had no idea what an adventure we would go on. An adventure to lead us to a life that we choose, a life on purpose, where we could work together as a family, to be together all the time (which is what we always wanted) and to have a freedom that we only dreamt of. All this in the name of helping, healing and serving others. Hang on is this too good to be true.... but it's not! 
When I first got going, I had no idea where the path would take me. I just knew I loved the oils, but very quickly I realised that the oils needed to be shared, and I realised that it was easy to share them because the world needs them. As each day passes we know this more deeply.  
We reached elite in our second month and premiere by our third. When we hit Gold we realised that we should set our goals higher and we knew that we wanted to go all the way! We reached diamond after 15 months, which allowed my husband to be able to leave his acting job and to join me fully. We reached Blue diamond in 2 years and we are working on presidential. We have worked really hard. No success is ever easy in life, but when you are willing to put your heart into something, you will be rewarded and the sacrifices are so worth it.  
We are eternally grateful for the life that doTERRA has and is continuing to give us. When you love what you do, life is such a pleasure to be around!!!! 

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