Congratulations on Reaching Diamond!

Per Thomsen & Elin Hemnes


Our lives have been forever changed by deciding to build a doTerra business. We met through doTerra in 2013, after Per moved to Norway for a job and Elin was looking for other Wellness Advocates to collaborate with in the area. We were on different teams, but decided to give up one account to be on the same account and work together. We dreamed of having freedom to travel and live in a different country, and to lead fulfilling lives making a difference for others. That drove us to keep going, also when things got hard. 

In 2016, after Per had quit his job and we were Gold & EU Founders, suddenly the Norway customs stopped all shipments for 5 months. That was hard for our new leaders that were just gaining momentum and many quit during that time. It was a blessing in disguise for us as it propelled us to develop ourselves, keep on going and find new life in our business. In 2018 many of those leaders came back and many new came along, and we reached a long-time dream and goal of Diamond. This is just the beginning.  

Without doTerra we would have never met. We are now married and have created our dream life with the freedom to travel, live wherever we want and be more present for our family and friends.  

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