Growing Together

Miška Začková & Roman Začka

Miška Začka was impressed with doTERRA from her first experience. While she had been trying different brands of oils for years, she knew from the beginning that doTERRA was different. She recalls, “When Monika Batkova introduced doTERRA oils to me, I instantly fell in love with them. They immediately touched my senses, and I could almost feel the quality because I have experience with different oils. I liked everything doTERRA was offering—the scents, the packaging, the philosophy, and the atmosphere. I knew it could change lives from the first moment.”
From there, Miška became dedicated to using and sharing doTERRA pro­ducts. She was interested in the business opportunity from the beginning as well, and her passion for the product helped drive her success. Her husband, Roman, has always been supportive. Miška says, “For the first two years, I was developing the business on my own. If I needed to discuss something, my husband always listened and tried to advise me.” After a couple of years, however, Roman decided to take a more active role in Miška’s business. “I think he started to feel that the doTERRA family is a special environment. After the Elite Retreat, he decided to join me full time.” Roman helped Miška bring more structure to her business, and together, they hit Diamond.

“doTERRA offers more than benefits; it offers a lifestyle that is worth living.”

Roman and Miška had worked together in the past, and they knew this type of endeavor would bring its own challenges and benefits. They each use their strengths to build the business, and they love being able to work together full time. “It is the best thing to ever happen to us. Miška is passionate about the oils and has deep knowledge and experience. Meanwhile, Roman is good in motivation, leadership, business issues, and strategy planning.” For the Začkas, doTERRA is a family business—their children use the oils as well.
While Roman and Miška love sharing the product with others, they also love sharing the business aspect of doTERRA. They realize that it may be difficult to explain this to others, but they recommend, “We need to change our mindset and realize that sharing the business opportunity might change our friends’ lives. Why would we be scared of explaining this? The compensation plan is so amazing that not sharing this with our friends is like hiding a cherry on a cake. Who would do that to their friends?”
The Začkas are excited for the changes doTERRA has brought to their lives and the opportunity to share this with others. Both Roman and Miška are now able to work on doTERRA full time, which also gives them more time to focus on their family. Roman says, “It’s really amazing. The doTERRA business gives you everything a corporate business cannot provide: freedom in the decision­making process, the ability to manage your own time, the possibility to care for your family more, and, of course, residual income.” Together, they are eager to continue sharing the blessings of doTERRA with everyone they meet.

“We don’t look back because we are so curious about the future. The present is quite amazing, so we hope the future will be even better.”

Diamond Inspiration


“Before building a business, we would strongly advise you to have a deep discussion with a successful leader. Take the preparation period seriously before entering the business. This helps to minimize mistakes.”


“We believe that if we are committed and capable, our downlines will incorporate this inspiration in their businesses. When we see people around us with powerful, smart thinking, it always pushes us forward. We aren’t ones who like to stay behind.”


“Events have had an enormous influence on us. Those who attend the events get much more inspiration. We motivate others to attend events by sharing our knowledge and information after each event we attend and by consistently explaining the reasons and benefits.”


“Be patient and consistent. Have unlimited vision and set clear goals. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, but instead listen, learn, and gain inspiration from your surroundings. Everybody has strengths, and we can learn from everyone.”

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