Galia Furmansky - doTERRA Europe Leader

Galia Furmansky - doTERRA Europe Leader

Galia Furmansky


About Galia

Galia joined the dōTERRA family 5 years ago from her home in Mexico. As a school and yoga teacher, Galia’s life was full of long working hours, overtime and her dream of relocating to Israel was always a work in progress.

Since joining dōTERRA, this has become reality and she is thankful everyday to be part of a company whose mission is one of love. Seeking stability and the opportunity to improve her health and mentality, dōTERRA has transformed Galia’s worries into wonder.

Having experienced health ailments for most of her working life, an introduction to the world of pure essential oils has provided her with not only a tripled income, but a healthier way of life. Recommending the products to people she met helped her to expand her group and commence her professional and personal transformation!

dōTERRA has changed Galia’s daily routine into one of support, vitality and freedom. Her perception of life has vastly improved. She explains, “I have learned to breakthrough and reinvent myself. It changed how I see myself, because before I didn’t believe in me or my power to reach who am I today.”

Gratitude is one of Galia’s many shining qualities. She says “I am lucky to be part of this society that cares for the good of the people and is always willing to give its support. You don’t achieve successes and ranks alone. The key always is teamwork.”

Galia’s key tips are to accept who you are, exploit the strengths of your team, pay attention to the timing of any steps you take, and ultimately follow your dreams. If you work hard, you can reach it!


The main thing is to always work as a group, no matter what group we are in. Helping each other is the key to success.


There were a lot of changes in a short time because I became a new immigrant in Israel. The challenges were to maintain and increase my team by long distance and different time zone and to learn a new language.


My monthly income from dōTERRA was one of the reasons for my successful Aliyah (relocating to Israel). I decide my working hours and have the best products which can help people all over the world. 

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