Congratulations on Reaching Diamond

 Bénédicte Graf


I discovered doterra’s oils in May 2014 in Geneva through a friend who has known that I am an Aroma therapist and who likes to get my advice. I felt surprised by the smell and the high vibrations of those oils. After, 6 months of experiences on my patients in my practice place, my family and myself I noticed a real difference with all the oils I normally used and I decided to share them.  

Aromatouch technique was the revelation when I discover it in London with Emmanuelle Duce who become my upline. 

One of my philosophies is to serve as best as I can people around me and educate them about how to use and benefit of those gifts from Mother Nature. Team is the key to my success, a great culture, fun, educational, care, love and a real desire to help them to get their financial freedom is my compass to reach our goals together.  

Become Diamond offers me financial security and more freedom and it’s a magic revival, as I started doTERRA business at the same time of my separation with my husband with nothing in my pocket. I worked a lot for the last 3 years, as I’ve got no choice at 50 year’s old with only my practice place to survive so I become Gold in 9 months. Gently, years after years, I was able to do the transition between my job and doTERRA Business full time.  

Today, I love my « new job » , because is not a job, it’s my lifestyle and I share it with everybody want live the same freedom and happiness. 

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