Aurélia Dabon - doTERRA Europe Leader

Aurélia Dabon  - doTERRA Europe Leader

Aurélia Dabon


About Aurélia

Aurélia has described dōTERRA as life-changing and having provided her family with knowledge and perspective in the world of essential oils.

Explaining her ascension to Diamond, Aurélia credits her strong resilience in times of doubt and building a flourishing network where team members can turn to for support. Working hard to become a compassionate wellness Leader, she says “You need to prioritise your dōTERRA business if you want to get results, which requires perseverance and commitment. Today it allows our family to have more free time to just be together.”

Aurélia’s perspective has changed both professionally and when offline. dōTERRA has given her the learning material she felt she needed to become a Leader and combine the benefits of natural products with her home life.

Since starting her business, Aurélia highlights the importance of communication and listening skills when you want to progress. She says, “Our remuneration depends on the number of people we are willing to welcome into our energy space. If I feel that I need a break, I ask for support from my team members. If I have workshops planned and I can’t run them, I can count on my colleagues. It’s the strength of teamwork.”

Aurélia’s business advice is to think about the Leader you want to become and create a team dynamic where support, communication and compassion unite. She also suggests dedicating a daily window of time to practice gratitude and peace to prepare for whatever the day may bring.


If you want to reach Gold and above, you must have a vision of the collective you want to create. It goes well beyond a team. It is in fact a community that will be united by shared values. 


Meeting other dōTERRA Leaders has been a real inspiration and I thank them for it. I felt a lot of humility and generosity through their speeches and their emotions. That showed me that it was possible to be a Leader who helps others.


If your soul has guided you to choose dōTERRA as the vehicle to financial autonomy, then you must honour that choice by empowering yourself to succeed. You have the chance to be in one of the best MLM companies in the world, and to share products that everyone needs today to create an environment of healing and well-being. 

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