Congratulations on Reaching Presidential Diamond

Henriette Kalgraff

How has this business changed your life?

It came into my life when I needed it the most. After 15 years in a successful job in the oil and gas industry, I found myself stressed and unhappy. My soul was longing for something else—work that I could be proud of, that I would love, that would nourish me. Work that would take care of Mother Earth instead of destroying her.

I left my corporate job and started my own yoga studio. It felt like the best choice for my life, but after a while it was difficult to make enough income to support my family. I found myself working more hours than in my corporate job, present less at home with my family, and my health wasn’t well. I was caught in a spiral of scarcity.

Then I realized that I needed to make my health my first priority—my only priority. I made a commitment to prioritise my health and the health of my family. Although I’d used oils for years, I didn’t understand them, so I started educating myself on how to use them.

I started using oils for everything. I soon gained amazing experiences with oils and began sharing. After a short time, I realized that a doTERRA business could not only support my health, but also shift my relationship with money. Just the thought of having enough immediately calmed my nervous system. No matter how much yoga and meditation I practiced, when I didn't have enough money to survive, I couldn’t thrive.

Now, after 20 years of work experience, I finally can say that I have a job that I love, with a leader I love, and a company I love. I have a community that teaches me that the gift of life is to serve, share, and support each other, and that in order to care for others, I need to take care of myself first.

At this stage, what motivates you to continue building your business?

When I reached Presidential Diamond, I did find myself in a state of “now what?” I quickly realised that I had two choices; either grow or die. I chose to keep growing. I did not start this business to retire and relax on a beach for the rest of my life. Or maybe I did—to be honest, for many years that was my dream. However, my vision and mission has changed. My mission is to help people grow and give, and in order to do that I have to continue to grow myself. The more I grow, the more I can give. I am called to commit to the well-being of those in my team, and to become a leader of leaders, creating an environment where empowering others is the norm. Imagine how the world would change if every person knew what made them unique and if each person were who they were born to be!

Some people don’t want to reach Presidential Diamond because of how hard and stressful it seems. What are the benefits of this rank? Why should someone want to reach it?

To be clear, Presidential Diamond does not have to be hard or stressful. That is only a simple excuse not to do it. I promised myself that I would reach Presidential Diamond more healthy, radiant, and happy than ever. And I did! The truth is, for every rank you get more healthy, happy, and free. This is the only system I know of where you get paid to become your fullest potential. Who does not want that? Imagine all the lives you would impact on your way to that rank. Release all limits and become who you are deep inside. You are the answer to save the world. Don’t settle for just having enough; you are worthy of having more than enough.

What advice would you give to someone who is trying to reach Presidential Diamond?

Be yourself. I know this is the answer that most people don’t want. But every time someone asks me how I became successful, I always respond, “I am really good at being me.” I believe that our only task in life is to become who we already are. Unwrap yourself and you will find your unique Presidential Diamond within.

“My biggest hurdle was me, myself, and I—my mindset, my limiting beliefs, my self-sabotage patterns, my unhealthy lifestyle, my toxic relationships, my trapped and unhealed emotions. I built my business in parallel with healing myself physically, emotionally, and financially.”—Henriette Kalgraff

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