dōTERRA Leadership Retreat Online 2020

While some people are born leaders, many leaders are grown and developed. 


23-24 October 2020

Qualification period 

Qualifiers need to have reached the rank of Premier or above within the qualification period of 1 March–30 September 2020* to attend the event.  

* Before you purchase a ticket and to uphold the integrity of our Leadership Retreat, please ensure that you have reached the rank of Premier and above within the qualification period. Tickets are available per login and login credentials cannot be shared with others.  

What to expect? 

Leadership Retreat brings together Leaders to share knowledge, experience and skills, with a focus on business growth, and on personal development. It’s an opportunity that is unique in doTERRA. 

An event truly like no other, Leadership Retreat gives you the opportunity to listen to Leaders who have achieved success – you will learn directly from them what works and what doesn’t work. You will also hear from the doTERRA executive team as they share invaluable information to help you to build the business of your dreams. Did we mention that this event is an excellent way to grow your networking circle – in two days you can create connections with people from all across Europe! 

Why should I attend this event?  

  • Understand how to support and engage with your team members.  
  • Develop and expand your business mind-set and skills set. 
  • Empower your team with key motivational tools   
  • Be the example for the rest of your team - you are the key role model. 
  • Explore what it means to be a passionate sharer. 
  • Build your confidence to succeed, for yourself and your team. 
  • Commit to change to realign your judgment and meet your goals. 
  • Become the Leader you have always aspired to be. 

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