A Gift From New Zealand to Dusseldorf

Sourced from across the world in New Zealand, Manuka is a precious and rare essential oil. For the first time ever, this Limited Time Offer essential oil will be available to purchase in Europe! 

Yes, Manuka Touch is part of the Discover European Convention kit! 




Manuka has been a part of New Zealand’s landscape for centuries, but only recently have we started to understand its incredible benefits. Not long ago it was discovered that the honey produced by bees feeding on Manuka flowers has special properties, which has drawn much attention to these plants. 

As an essential oil Manuka is relaxing, comforting, empowering, and promotes clear skin. It’s also your perfect companion for supporting deep meditation. 

Don’t miss the opportunity of experiencing the incredible powers of this invaluable essential oil! Manuka Touch is available exclusively as a part of the Convention Kit at the Discover 2019 European Convention in Dusseldorf. 

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