Empōwerment Day for Wellness Advocates (16 June)

A day devoted to empowering you!

Start your Convention experience with an entire day focused on empowerment. Key leaders, guest presenters and inspirational speakers will share how you can make a positive difference in your business, revealing industry knowledge about tried and tested methods to empower you and your team.

When Leaders come together for an event like this, every moment is a step towards building your future. Find out what it really means to be empowered and why it matters to your business. Be inspired and motivated by the triumphs and challenges your fellow Leaders have experienced and think about your own journey. How can you be more practical and engaging with your sharers and builders? What can you do to proactively develop as a Leader to reach your goals? What are your next steps and how do you get there? This event is an opportunity for you to ask these questions and explore topics that resonate with you and your team. Be a part of this richly rewarding experience to build pride and confidence in yourself by sharing and collaborating with other successful members of our community.  


Emily Wright

Special Guest Speaker: Emily Wright

Emily Wright, doTERRA's Founding Executive and President will also join us for Empowerment Day! Listen to Emily as she shares invaluable insight into developing personal leadership skills, joined by members of the corporate team.
“Life has a way of moulding you and providing experiences that prepare you for the person you’re meant to become. Being part of doTERRA has made me grow beyond what I thought was possible, and I love nothing more than helping others grow and find their purpose.” - Emily Wright

Get ready to have empowered conversations about your business! 

Ticket Information - SOLD OUT

  • Price: 50 euros
  • Location: MOMsport Event Hall, Budapest
  • Date: 16 June 2022
  • Time: 10:00–16:00

Please be aware that a ticket for the Empowerment Day event must be purchased separately from your Convention ticket. Exclusive to Wellness Advocates only.

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